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The Akashic Records have been in existence since the beginning of this time-space experience and have been referred to in every ancient spiritual teaching throughout history. The Records have been referred to as the Cosmic Mind, the Universal Mind, the Collective Consciousness, the Universal Records, and are known in the Bible as The Book of Life. 


The Akashic Records are the individual records of a soul from the time it leaves itís point of origin until itís return. At the time that a soul makes the decision to experience life as an independent entity, there is a field of energy generated by that experience. That field of energy is impressed on a subtle substance called Akasha.


Every thought, word, emotion, and action generated by each soulís experience is recorded on the Akasha. In Hindu mysticism Akasha is thought to be the primary principle of nature from which the other four natural principles, fire, air, earth, and water, are created. There is a recording in the Records for virtually all creation, including every person, place and event.

Everyone has the ability to gain access into the Akashic Records. Intuition, knowing hunches or flashes, and the quiet inner guidance of the Higher Self are often due to knowledge gained from the Records. However, doubt, fear and ego can interfere with the information received. When we receive information that elicits fear or doubt, we often add, delete, change, or filter the information, which dilutes or neutralizes the usefulness of the knowledge.

Manifestation of reality begins with intention. Once we form an intention, we have set a new possibility for reality into motion. We are constantly manifesting our reality whether we choose to be consciously aware of it or not. Every thought that we have creates a domino effect that resonates far beyond what we see manifest in front of us. Questions asked while in the Records can reveal past and future consequences of choices that we have made or will make. 


Sometimes we become lost within our own illusion of reality and lose sight of what we had originally intended. We can become distracted by a new idea, person or possibility that comes into our awareness; and when we turn our attention in that direction, we often forget which path we were moving towards before the new opportunity presented itself.

This does not suggest that we must always stay on our current course, it simply means that it is empowering to consciously choose in which direction we wish to move as opposed to feeling buffeted about by powers beyond our control.

The past and future of each person is recorded on the divine blueprint that exists for each soul within the Akashic Records. Each of us may hold in our mind a vision of the kind of reality we want to manifest in our reality, but, as it is with any great structural engineer, in order for the actual creation to be truly brilliant, it is useful to consult the plans occasionally.


Just as with a building, where each wall must meld into a corner, and everything must be level in order for the building to be structurally sound; all aspects of our reality must be congruent with every other aspect, for there to be overall balance and in order to be spiritually sound. Accessing information from the Akashic Records gives us, as the architects of our lives, useful guidance to construct a creation that supports our soul purpose.

Information is gleaned from the Akashic Records through the asking of questions. While in the Records, all knowledge stored there is not immediately available; rather, access to specific information is only granted in response to a question asked. The asking of a question indicates a readiness to integrate the information that comes forth.

There is a divine guidance that assists in the asking of questions. People often find themselves asking different questions than they had intended while consciously in the Records, but the questions that get asked inevitably turn out to reveal the most valuable information for their life in that moment.

The questions asked can be about anything. In daily life, we all constantly ask questions of friends and family, in the form of prayer, or through journaling. Often, we donít expect an actual answer to the questions that we are asking. Instead, we only hope that some aspect of our lives will change and bring resolution to the issues that plague us. However, when the questioning comes from feeling a lack of personal power to actually change anything, the hoped for changes do not usually occur. 


While in the Records, answers to questions are received immediately and are often accompanied by explicit instructions on what can be done to bring resolution to the issue at hand. Inherent in entering the Records is a willingness to accept personal responsibility for the creation of our lives. Entrance into Records is an indication that we are ready to evolve into a higher expression of ourselves.

Questions about spiritual growth, relationships with family and friends, repeating patterns and behaviors, recurring dreams, work, and finances can all be addressed while in the Akashic Records. The Records are a recording of a soulís journey since inception as well as the possibilities of its expression in the future. 


If relevant, past lives may be revealed while in the Records. Remembering a past life can serve as a historical instrument in changing the present and future. Once the reincarnation is recalled and the origin of a problem is known, it is possible to view a situation with new understanding and clarity, which can be used to facilitate change.


Questions about the future are not usually answered in the form of a prediction, instead information is given about which path is most likely to lead in the direction of the future that we want to create.

The reason that the asking of questions is important while in the Records is that we already possess the answers to all of the questions that we have, but much of the information is multidimensional and as such is not easily understood by our third dimensional mind.


With the asking of questions, we are able to cognitively articulate what it is we seek in such a way that we can receive the answer through our mind and as a result are able to more easily integrate it into our daily life in a useful and relevant manner.

The Akashic Records in and of themselves are simply an energy in which all that defines us in our current form is held. When we ask questions of the Records, it is as if another part of us, other than the part that is asking the question, knows where to find the answers and instantly retrieves the needed information for us.


So with this in mind, do not be intimidated by the asking of questions. It is not as if you would withhold pertinent information from yourself simply because you do not ask the right questions. You are essentially having a conversation with yourself, and as such are in the best of hands, yours. 

It is of great importance that we learn to trust ourselves and a significant piece of developing that trust is to explore and understand the decisions that we have made and actions that we have taken through out our earthly experiences.


From our current limited perspective it may initially appear that our choices were destructive or painful either for ourselves or others, but upon closer examination, we can find the perfection in all that we are and all that we have ever been.