Three Breath Alignment


This exercise from the Akashic Records can be used to allow you to return to alignment with the present moment as often as needed. Make a copy of these steps and keep it with you at all times. Read the steps out loud as instructions to yourself.


To use the 3 Step Process for Alignment check in with how you are expressing yourself in a given moment in the following ways:


1.      Physically (What am I Doing in this moment?) What you do allows you to express who you are but does not define who you are. If not in alignment stop what you are doing and do something else, right now. Take a breath.


2.      Mentally (What am I Thinking in this moment?) Your thoughts are how you respond to your perception of what is occurring. You can only alter your perception not what is actually happening. Change the focus of your thoughts, right now. Take a breath.


3.      Emotionally (What am I Feeling in this moment?) Your feelings are your reaction to your interpretation of what you perceive to be occurring not an accurate definition. Acknowledge your feelings and let them go, right now. Take a breath.