Skellig Michael is on the 51st Latitude North which is a very powerful energy band is shared by Stonehenge, Avebury, Lake Baikal, and Lake Louise in Canada.



According to information channeled from Metatron through James Tyberonn



The structure of Skellig Michael is pyramidal in geometry and is particularly aligned with celestial energies. It is composed of violet sandstones, quartzites. Your geologists will know of this particular variety of quartz. It is a unique mineral that is the rock foundation and energy of many sacred places, many powernodes. This quartz variety can be said to carry the imprint of the human quest, particularly at Skellig.


Within Skellig is a Master Crystal of Violet Hue. It has been there since the Golden Age of Atlantis. It has never been de-activated, for it was originally and specifically placed where it remains, and will remain.


It is a key point of refracting that energy you term the Ley, and it up-shifts into the sacred frequency of both the Mary and Michael Leylines. It energizes all of the Leys in Ireland and in Britain, France and Europe.





Skellig Michael is the origination point of the Michael Ley Line which extends from Ireland, through Britain and across Europe and ends in Israel, at Mount Carmel, where Jesus lived among the order of the Essenes. Skellig Michael is not the original entry point of the Michael ley line, but it now appears to be so, because the line no longer is fully connected to its full compliment.


It was not called the Michael line in its inception. Rather it was referred to as the Atlas Line in Atlantis, and Thoth line in Egypt and Og. Its pagan name was changed to that of Michael and Mary to protect it from the Church. The Saint Michael ley line is largely intact because of the work of the Druids.