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Absolute Abundance

Four Week

Personal Program



Absolute Abundance is your birthright and in this four week program you will explore your current relationship to abundance and transform it into the unconditional, unlimited alliance between you and the universe that it is meant to be.


The Absolute Abundance Personal Program will be tailored specifically to your issues around abundance through four weekly 30 minute phone sessions. Each week you will have access to your personal Akashic Records as well as receive worksheets to tangibly and specifically integrate the information from your Akashic Records into your current reality.


 Also included with the Program is a CD of the Absolute Abundance Group Reading from the Akashic Records and a CD of your weekly Personal Akashic Record readings.


Visit the Ascension page of the website to read an excerpt from the Absolute Abundance Group Reading.


As you discover the true nature of abundance you will come to understand and be able to effectively integrate:

*   Where your beliefs about money originated


*   Why the exchange of financial energy works


*   Higher integrity equals lower financial stress


*   When you are conscious you are abundant


*   Enough is not an option


*   Working is different than being of service


*   Time, energy and money are interchangeable


*   How to minimize effort & maximize earnings


*   Your joy determines your abundance


*   Abundance is an expression not an experience


*   The difference between finances & abundance


*   How relationships reflect abundance


  The fee for the Absolute Abundance

Personal Program is $222

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about the Absolute Abundance Program.