Six Steps to Actualize Your Divine Blueprint


At this stage in the Ascension process, many of you have completed your contractual obligations and you have in essence become a free agent. This means that you can now fully reactivate your Divine Blueprint and move beyond the cycles of karma. In this new experience of how you use your energy on a daily basis you have more freedom than you did under the previous contracts and your ability to realize your potential is unlimited.


You may initially experience this transition from the limitations of karmic contracts to the unlimited potential of your Divine Human expression as feeling empty, unmotivated or even depressed. Without the impetus to move beyond the areas of discomfort in your life because you have addressed and resolved them and with no inspiration to move forward, your experience of this stage is as if you exist in a state of limbo. In reality you are in that place in between breaths; in that moment of pre-conception where all exists as potential energy waiting to be manifest in any way you choose. Welcome to 5D!


You may be feeling that you have outgrown many of your current circumstances including your job, relationships, home etc. but until you clearly define what you will do next you will perpetually exist in an endless conceptual potential interpretation of possible realities rather than a 3D manifested reality of that potential.


You must create opportunities to experience your potential

For those of you who have made the effort to bring yourselves into balance physically, mentally and emotionally in the following ways, you are unable to return to the drama that held you captivated in the past and the future still exists as nebulous unlimited potential. In order to transcend this state, you must create opportunities to experience your potential through the realization of your vision.


If you have not yet taken these steps you must do so before you are able to fully actualize your Divine Blueprint. You have to remember who you are in order to express who you are through your vision. The pre-requisite steps that we refer to are as follows:

You have taken responsibility for your health and consulted qualified health practitioners as needed to reach your health goals.


You have scheduled bodywork sessions to bring up and clear muscular, skeletal and cellular memory held within your physical form that no longer serves you.


You have sought out a counselor, a therapist or a coach to help you redefine and reframe how you see yourself and allow you to fully engage in the present.


You have moved beyond the dramas and the traumas perpetuated unconsciously in your present experience that no longer serve you from your early childhood and past lives as appropriate.


You have made your well-being a priority by eating well, drinking adequate amounts of water, getting enough sleep and being realistic about over-scheduling and over-committing your time.


You have taken responsibility for your actions and choices and allowed those whom you are in relationship with to do the same and consequently minimized or eliminated co-dependent interactions.


Your level of conscious creation dictates your experience

Within the energy of 5D your level of conscious creation dictates your experience. If you do not take responsibility for the current circumstances in your life and make a conscious choice about how you want to proceed from here, you will perpetually spin from moments of hope to despair and be unable to create the meaningful connections to others that are crucial to your Divine Human expression. As you have now redefined your experience of time/space as a spiral instead of linear time you will remain spinning in this state indefinitely if you do not take action.


This is an inevitable stage in the Ascension process and you must let go of how you expected it to be and allow yourself to see it for what it actually is. It is essential to recognize that it is not the ending that you may have imagined but instead a doorway from one reality to another and there is much more that lies before you. Once you define a future for yourself and take the necessary steps to actualize it, the momentum generated by the fifth dimensional spiraling energy can be used to propel you powerfully in the direction that you choose.


Your future is not yet defined

As a result of your efforts, much has fallen away and you have in many ways cleared the slate and it is now not only time, but necessary to use the empty palette that you have created to define your future. Your future is not yet defined because you have not yet created it and it is time to stop looking backward, stop attempting to learn lessons and instead accept your mastery and get to work creating your future. We will give you six steps that you can take to achieve the actualization of your Divine Blueprint:



  1. Define your vision. At this point many of you are clear on what no longer serves you but have not yet clearly defined what you want to do next. While it is initially useful to focus on what does not work, at this stage in the process you need to shift your focus to what does serve you. You can only experience your Divine Humanity in the context of living your vision.



  1. Compile a list of your strengths that you can draw on to achieve your vision. What have you learned about yourself up until this point? What are your skills? What are your gifts? What are you passionate about? What are you interested in?



  1. Acknowledge your limitations and organize them into three categories. The first category is limitations that someone else has imposed on you that believe to be true. The second category is limitations that you have imposed on yourself as a result of past perceived failures or disappointments. And the third category is limitations that are indeed limiting and beyond your control at this time.



  1. Make a plan and set goals. Clearly define timelines and outcomes so that you know what your next steps are but do not become attached to timelines and outcomes as they will inevitably change and evolve as your plan progresses.



  1. Ask for help. Identify the areas in which you require more information to implement your plan and achieve your goals and determine from whom and/or where you can acquire the needed information.


         Refer to Step 2. What information do you need to utilize most fully the

         strengths on your list?


         Refer to Step 3. In what ways do you need more information to move beyond

         the first two types of limitations?


         Refer to Step 4. In what areas do you require additional or entirely new

         information to be able to articulate your plan?



  1. Initiate your plan bearing in mind that it is not set in stone and that you can count on the fact that it most certainly will change and evolve as you take the steps that you have laid out for yourself. It is the journey not the destination that you are here for. The changes that occur and your ability to gracefully navigate them will allow you to experience power in its truest sense which lies in your ability to trust yourself in any moment.



You are the master of your own destiny and at this stage in the Ascension process that destiny is still unwritten. You have transcended the limitations of 3D polarity and made a quantum leap into 5D potentiality. What will you create next?