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The Akashic Records



This workshop offers a variety of techniques that can be used to develop the ability to access the Akashic Records on your own at any time and in establishing a direct connection to your personal guidance and learn to trust that guidance without exception.

As you learn to work with your senses and emotions you become better able to understand and interpret the multidimensional information received while in the Records. And as such, you are able to integrate your divine blueprint into the conscious creation of your reality.

The exercises offered allow you to clear any resistance that you may have to effortlessly accessing accurate information while in the Akashic Records. As you remove any obstacles that inhibit your ability to interpret and understand information held within the Akashic Records, you will be able to consciously create a new reality that reflects your vision for the world.

As you become adept at consciously incorporating the information held within the Akashic Records into your everyday life you can fulfill your soul purpose for being on Earth at this time. Once you fully understand the inter-connectedness of all consciousness participating in your creation of reality, you will bring the hidden wisdom held within your cellular memory out of the archives and into your present life. 

In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to work with the Akashic Records in many different ways including opening the Records of crystals, other people and topics (as done in group readings).

Upon completion of the workshop you will have the tools and the understanding to be able to enter your Akashic Records, the Records of others and the Records of any topic (as is done in group readings) at any time.

It is time to remember how to consciously access the Akashic Records so that you may more completely engage in this time of transition. You cannot fully be of service if you continue to operate under the illusion of forgetfulness, and the Akashic Records hold vital knowledge that needs to be incorporated into your consciousness as you awaken. 

Participation in this workshop will assist you in reawakening to your true essence and Remember Who You Are.


This workshop is available as a four week Personal Program

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Pre-registration is required.

Akashic Records Workshop  $222 USD 


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