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Your Body is Your Ascension Vehicle

Look down at your physical body. Look at your feet, your legs, your abdomen, your arms, your hands and your fingers. This is your ascension vehicle. This is the vehicle that you are going to use to navigate through the energy of 2012 and it is vital that you recognize that you have everything that you need to do this built in.


At this time most of you are using less than 5% of the resources available to you. The key to unlocking the other 95% of your potential is to consciously choose to explore who you are and what you are capable of being in your life and to shift your focus more onto yourself and less on the external world.


This does not mean that you have to live with your head in the sand, but you do need to learn to internally reference your perception of reality as opposed to using external reference points such as the opinions of others, the interpersonal dramas going on around you and the media to determine what is of value to you and consequently how you spend your time and energy.


2012 is Not a Future Event

It is also important to recognize that we are already in the midst of great change and that the changes that you are anticipating with energy of 2012 are not a future event. Although things are not going to get significantly worse than they are now, they are going to get more intense and you can already begin to feel it emotionally and energetically. The increasing agitation that you feel, the nervous energy, the anxiety, the confusion and the sense of being overwhelmed is due to the energy of 2012 pouring through you.


The energy of 2012 itself is neutral. How you perceive it and interact with it depends on your level of consciousness and your willingness to live within your potential and beyond the limitations of tradition and habit. Learning to recognize that you create your own reality and taking responsibility for the circumstances in your life will greatly enhance your experience and determine how gracefully you are able to navigate through these times of transition.


A good way to visualize the energy of 2012 is to use the image of an hourglass that is expansive on one end, narrows in the center and then expands out again on the other end. In this analogy, the energy of 2012 is represented at the center of the hourglass where it is most narrow. It is like a birthing canal. As in a birthing canal, at the most narrow point there is significant pressure on anything that needs to move from one end to the other and this is essentially what we are experiencing as we are beginning to fully align with the energy of 2012 and becoming less limited by physicality and more consciously aware of our Divine Human potential.


We Are Becoming Divine Humans

Although we will remain in physical form during this transition of 2012, our perception of ourselves as purely physical beings will be altered as we continue to cultivate our conscious awareness and recognize that what we perceive as physical within ourselves and the world around us is in reality created by our consciousness and can therefore be adjusted according to our new understanding of ourselves as Divine Humans.


Between now and 2012 and intensifying in 2010, our perception of physically manifested reality is going to become increasingly nebulous. We are still going to live in a physical world in physical bodies, but we are no longer going to be able to exclusively relate to ourselves and to the world around us from a physical perspective.


All of your personal spiritual exploration and development has been about preparing for this time of alignment with the energy of 2012 because this is the most interesting thing that has ever happened on the planet. It is not necessarily the most interesting thing that ever will happen but this is the most interesting thing so far, and you are prepared for it.


You are here on the planet at this time because you donít want to miss this experience. You have been drawn to the teachers and the books and the information that you have in order to be as prepared as possible for this transition from one version of reality into another version and it is the amplified energy of 2012 that makes it possible for us to make this quantum leap in consciousness.


Living as a Master

It is essential that you make the internal shift from the concept of being a student to living as a master. Living as a master does not mean that you know everything and that you are an authority or an expert; living as a master means that you have developed the skills that you require to live your life consciously and that you trust yourself to make good choices and decisions and are able to take action confidently and in a timely manner. A true master is also willing to seek assistance when needed. Another quality of a true master is that they recognize how very little they actually know, so look, you are all masters!


It is going to be useful to apply what you have studied and learned and explored up until now into every aspect of how you live your lives, because the time between now and 2012 is made up of microseconds. Second by second, minute by minute the days and weeks and months evolve from there. If you create the life that you truly desire to live and if you apply in every microsecond what you have learned and who you understand yourself to be, then that allows you to live as a master and to move through this time of transition consciously aware while remaining in physical form.


This is Conscious Ascension and this has never happened before. In the past when we have reached this level of conscious awareness we have ascended out of our physical bodies because our physical forms could not contain the high vibrational energy.  In anticipation of this time of transition offered to us through the energy of 2012, we have been preparing our bodies to be able hold this energy so that we could consciously ascend into the next version of exploring our humanness.


2012 is the End of Limitation and Polarity

The idea of 2012 as the end times is true only in the sense that it is the end of this aspect of our experience through limitation and polarity while in human form and now we are evolving into another aspect of what we can experience in physical form, this time as Divine Humans.  Much of what we have known is already ending while at the same time the new is emerging.


What is happening with the United States economy is a perfect example of this. The economy in its current form was useful for a time, but it has become evident that it doesnít work for us anymore so we are in the process of developing a new kind of economy. It is not that we are not going to not have an economy; we are just not going to have the same one that we have had and right now we are going through that transition process.


The energy of 2012 is affecting all aspects of our lives. It is affecting our relationships, where we work, where we live and what we believe is possible. It is in essence emerging through us. You are participating in a transitional experience of unprecedented proportions and you are okay. Look again at your body. Look around at each other. You are okay and you are going to be okay. That doesnít mean that you arenít going to be freaked out at times, but you are okay and you can do this and you can count on the fact that it is going to get even more interesting as time goes on.



This information is excerpted from the first 10 minutes of the

 Aligning with the Energy of 2012  Group Reading.

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