Claim Your Creation

Transformational Coaching



As we continue to integrate the Fifth Dimension into our perception of reality, many of us are having difficulty on a personal level navigating through all of this new potential and possibility and unable to manifest any tangible results. We are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, impatient and depressed.

To this end, Shaun has integrated her experience with the Akashic Records and Transformational Coaching into a unique program designed to transform your awareness and understanding of you are to incorporate who you have become and what you are capable of creating. This program is called Claim Your Creation.

The Claim Your Creation program incorporates weekly guidance from your personal Akashic Records and Transformational Coaching to assist you as you integrate increased spiritual awareness into the creation of your reality.




Examples of Claim Your Creation

goals include:

       Find your path of service

        Change job/career

         Start a new business

        Expand an existing business

         Establish a spiritual network

         Develop your creativity

         Get organized

        Begin or complete a project

        Integrate your spirituality

        Create connection with guidance

         Eliminate unwanted habits

        Address addictions

        Improve personal relationships

         Experience unlimited abundance

     Create balance in your life

     Lose weight

     Improve your health

     Change chronic patterns



The monthly fee for the

Claim Your Creation Program is $222

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