Transformational Coaching

In a transformational coaching relationship, the coach asks questions that elicit answers from the client which in turn allow the client to determine specific goals and develop a plan to reach those goals through a realistic and practical course of action.
The client sets the agenda and it is the coach’s job to assist them in adhering to their plan. This allows the client to focus on the intended changes and forward momentum while the coach ensures that the client stays on course.
An inherent aspect of committing to the coaching relationship is an emphasis on action and accountability on the part of the client. In order for the program to be successful the client must follow through on the agenda that they have created and it is the coach’s job to provide weekly benchmarks to help that happen.
Transformation indicates meaningful change that once achieved, forever alters that which existed prior to the change taking place. When you commit to transform you are committing to evolving into a new version of who you are in this moment which is consequently reflected through your choices and actions and inevitably affects the reality that you choose to manifest.
Within a transformational coaching relationship you are guided to clarify the goals and objectives that you desire to achieve and then encouraged and supported as you discover the inherent creativity within you to realize those goals and objectives. A coach does not offer advice or solutions but rather elicits from you and mirrors back to you your own resourcefulness and intelligence.
Through the transformational coaching process you will discover what motivates you and identify what holds you back so that you are able to design a course of action that will allow you to move beyond your limitations and into the infinite creative potential that exists within each of us.
As with any process, there will be times of internal resistance during the coaching program. Because many people operate within patterns that allow lack of money and/or lack of time to prevent them from following through at these junctures, it is important to remove those potential obstacles by committing the necessary time and financial resources before beginning thus increasing the potential for successful results.
Commitment to the coaching relationship is vital to the success of the program. The coaching relationship is separate from the client and the coach. Clients are empowered by their commitment to the relationship as a means to begin to take charge of their lives.
The coaching relationship can be compared to a canoe in which the client is paddling and the coach is navigating. The course chosen can be influenced by guidance from the coach, but ultimately the canoe will end up wherever the client takes it.
The hourly rate for coaching is $125 and an initial four-week commitment is required. Visit the contact page to schedule.