Cultivating Community Consciousness
During this time of unprecedented change in your world, it is imperative that the concept of community evolve beyond an abstract idea into a conscious perspective that informs who you choose to be in your daily lives and by extension affects all aspects of who you are. Community is not only about where you live but also about how you live.
Currently, you tend to engage with the world around you reactively instead of proactively and community is one of those concepts that you consider somehow separate from you. Community is not merely a concept; community is an inherent aspect of your constructed reality.
As an intrinsic aspect of your experience, you encounter community on many levels. Each of you is already a vital component of many types of community; your neighborhood, your church, your office, your town, your county, your state, your country, the global community. With the advent of virtual communities this has become even more evident.
Community is inevitable
Community is inevitable. You cannot escape that fact that you affect and are affected by community. This is true even for those of you who choose to live alone and miles away from other people. The choice to live away from others is still in relation to community. Each facet of community is made up of individuals, and the choices and actions of the individuals create the attributes of the community itself.
As such, it is of utmost importance that you begin to take responsibility for how you are participating or abdicating your personal involvement with your communities.
As each of you go about the business of your daily lives, every conversation you have, every choice you make and every action that you take contributes to the nature of the communities that you are part of.
Due to the lack of consciousness or intentionality, most of you are engaging with your communities unconsciously, passively and reactively. In order to participate more consciously it is necessary to understand the ways in which you do this and consider alternatives to engage more consciously. When you are not connected to each other and working together, your communities become fragmented and ineffective.
Create empowered communities
The role of the individual in relationship to the concept of community can be compared to cells as they relate to a larger organism that they are an integral part of. The organism itself cannot exist without the cells and the collective behavior of the individual cells defines the common characteristics of the organism as a whole. Many of you are making great progress in becoming personally empowered and the next step is to express your personal power through creating empowered communities.
In any community situation, your personal hopes and fears are aligned with the hopes and fears of other members of your community and miasms are created and/or perpetuated. The term miasm is a homeopathic concept that can be simply defined as the collective effects of microorganisms on the overall well-being of human vitality. In this context miasms are the fundamental building blocks of the human collective consciousness.
Your personal choices and actions directly affect the nature of your communities. Just as within your personal belief system, where what you desire and what you fear determine the circumstances of your life, the same is true on a community level. To read more about creating your personal experience read the Having Hope article.  
Explore ways to take on more active roles in your community
From the information that you receive through the media it would appear that the world is in a state of inevitable decline and you can begin to feel that there is nothing you can do to change what is occurring. The hopelessness and disempowerment that results from that perspective can be debilitating and consequently you begin to passively contribute to the very problems that create and perpetuate the hopelessness.
As an alternative, begin to take stock of what your current relationship is to the communities in your life and explore the ways in which you can take on more active roles in the immediate world around you. When you begin to actively engage with your world to make the changes that you recognize are needed, you reclaim your personal power. It is only from a place of personal empowerment that you can contribute to finding new approaches to address current challenges.
Individually your choices and actions make a difference and collectively through empowered communities you can change the world.