Session one in a six-session series

You mentioned that this is not about creativity. Whatís the difference between Creation and creativity?

Creation is bringing something out of nothing, or changing the form of something. Creativity is taking what youíve created and working with it. Using it. So theyíre connected but theyíre different. Creativity relates to Creation, but we wanted to talk about Creation primarily and move into creativity.

Does Creation always go hand in hand with pain? Iím thinking of childbirth and the bringing in a new Creation, and yet thereís pain involved. Is that, in the new paradigm weíre moving to, is that a necessity?

No. Pain, remember, as weíve talked about in the past, is a resistance to incoming information. Childbirth does not have to be painful. It can be uncomfortable, but if you think of a continuum of physical sensation where thereís comfort and pain, giving birth to a child is not comfortable because itís not familiar, itís new, and itís something different.

There is a lot of cellular memory and conscious collective agreement about pain being involved in childbirth that is playing into it, but the pain is not necessary. Childbirth is never going to be comfortable because of the new and different sensations involved, but it doesnít have to be painful.

If you think about it, there is a whole spectrum of women who have morning sickness and women who donít, and women who have no complications-- they are in labor for an hour and have a baby, and people who are in labor for 36 hours and are exhausted. So thereís already a continuum that we are working on, weíre just more aware of the pain end of it.

Childbirth is a really good analogy for what weíre talking about with Creation, because it epitomizes Creation. It is bringing forth something out of nothing. Of course it had been something for nine months plus before it came into the world, but the gestation period is kind of how we work with Creation in fourth dimension before we move it into third and fifth dimension.

So it is a really useful analogy. Anytime anything changes, which is part of what you are asking about with the pain, and that is what many of you are experiencing at this time, is that as things shift and become uncomfortable, itís not comfortable any more so itís something else, and that doesnít automatically equal pain. But if we donít know what to do with it, or we donít have the tools or we werenít prepared for it, pain is what ends up being experienced.

Is that a thought form thatís been perpetuated?

Part of what youíre talking about is the collective consciousness agreement that has been operating globally for a long time now, for thousands of years, that childbirth equals pain. Itís just a given. This is why women in many different cultures experience pain in childbirth, because thatís expected, thatís what theyíve seen, thatís what theyíve known. They remember the pain that their mother was caused when they were born. The pain that your mother went through when you were born is encoded in your cellular memory. So if your mother experienced pain, then whether you remember it or not, that automatically plays into how much pain you experience during pregnancy.

Like we said, this is a great way to think about Creation, because just as before a child is born itís been in the womb for nine months, and the process began 6-8 months before that, between the parents and the child and other Beings that were going to be involved with the child as far as agreeing when this was going to happen, how this was going to happen etc.

That is very similar to Creation in other forms as well. A lot of it is unseen. You would have difficulty proving that mothers and fathers and grandparents are in contact with the child before theyíre even conceived or in the early times of conception, yet people who are aware of this have no doubt that itís true.

Well, for the most part they donít have doubt, every once in a while they wonder if theyíre making it up and thatís comparable to the way Creation is being experienced now. There is a lot going on kind of behind the scenes and some days you completely understand whatís happening and other days you think, ďEverything that happened yesterday I completely made it up and Iím losing my mind.Ē So compare it to the same thing with how pregnancy happens as far as itís behind the scenes and it doesnít seem real because itís not third dimensional yet.

Is that why there are days when we feel so confused? Is that because weíre not completely aware of moving into this new Creation, or is it that we donít understand it or weíre not ready for the knowledge?

Kind of a little bit of most of those, other than itís not that youíre not ready for the knowledge, because if you werenít ready for the knowledge, you wouldnít send it to yourself. You wouldnít intentionally set yourself into a state of confusion. It feels like confusion because itís information that doesnít register in your regular mindful way of being.

So itís information that is coming in and interacting with the other parts of your brain that have come on line, but you donít know how to recognize that yet. Which is comparable to information coming in and resulting in pain, not really resulting in pain so much because you are more conscious of inviting this information in, so itís not coming out as pain but itís coming out as confusion. Confusion is on that spectrum between comfort and pain. And so youíre never going to get anything quicker than youíre ready for, because you are working with other levels of yourself at all times.

If it does feel like more than you want to deal with, you can always say, ďOK, this is too much. I really need a good nightís sleep.Ē Or, ďOK, Iím tired of being confused every single day. I need a break,Ē just to stop the information. And thatís your job. Your responsibility is to know that you are part of this process. So donít just kind of sit back and say, ďTheyíre just running me ragged and giving me too much information and overloading me,Ē and play the victim role. Theyíre waiting for your feedback. Those of you in other dimensions are equal players with you in this dimension so you need to talk to each other.

What are the steps of Creation?

There are no steps, itís an instantaneous process. That being said, we will now give you the steps of Creation.

Are you using ďCreationĒ and ďmanifestationĒ synonymously?

Not quite. Close. Manifestation is a step of Creation. Manifestation is when itís more tangibly evident. Much of Creation happens before thereís anything manifested, or evident, or tangible, or third dimensional.

So is Creation a step to manifestation?

Manifestation is a step of Creation. Itís towards the end of it. And the reason that we answer that the way we did a minute ago, that itís an instantaneous process is because even though Creation takes place... It doesnít take place. Even though Creation is evident in third dimension, it doesnít take place third dimensionally. So it is not a time/space concept.

We are going to give you the steps, but keep in mind as you work with this consciously that you will notice you are maybe at step 4 or 5, and then step 2 comes up after 4 or 5. So Creation, even though there are steps, the steps donít come linearly. Thatís why itís useful to start thinking about Creation now, and to talk about the steps, because itís going to help you be less linear, less bound by time-space, and help you be more conscious and more consciously participatory in the Creation, because youíre all doing this all the time anyway.

They said that Creation doesnít take place in 3-D. So all Creation takes place before itís manifested in 3-D? Or did I get lost?

No, you are right. But it is not before, it is beyond. All Creation takes place beyond third dimension. Before uses the time-space concept. Itís a good question, and the confusion is understandable, because again weíre talking out both sides of our mouth here.

Using purely third dimensional reality and technologies, Creation wouldnít be possible. And thatís just further evidence that weíre not operating as solely third dimensionally as we might think sometimes. A really good way to think about that is that we need so much sleep. Sleep is not a third dimensional thing. Closing your eyes and having your body look like it is resting is third dimensional, but dreams are experienced out of time-space.

It is simultaneous. You canít exist in third dimension without using other dimensions. Which is kind of a new way to think about it too. They are saying that there are different strata of dimensions, and that all the dimensions need each other. Fifth dimension needs third dimension.

So they need each other?

Yes, and itís not only that, they are related to each other, itís that there are fifth dimensional things-- weíll talk more about that in a minute-- that allow third dimension to function, and vice versa.

Is that kind of like how the way we created it was that these bodies can only function at 10% of capacity and we need the other, all the other dimensions to be whole, so to speak?

Yes, even though the other 90-95% of the brain activity isnít registering, it is actually working fifth dimensionally. Thereís no one who has truly, completely forgotten that they are Divinity. Even though they might not seem to remember and are functioning in complete density and not interested in ascension or anything at this point, or the fifth dimension at this point, they are still not purely third dimensional. There are still other aspects of themselves that theyíre just not aware of. So by not being aware of other parts of ourselves, thatís where the other dimensions come into play. Is that what youíre asking?

Well, yes. Thatís part of it. I think itís interesting that they use the word ďstrataĒ, the geological term. It creates what might be an interesting visual, the way; for instance bedrock is built and the limestone leads to the slate, leads to the granite, etc...

Yes, that is the way they were showing it to me as well, as if the side of a mountain that had been cut away. And there is overlapping in between different strata, but then thereís places down here that wonít have any relation to the rock up here.

Because theyíre all very different, but theyíre all integrally interconnected...

Exactly, because if you look from a geological perspective, depending on what you want to look at in the rock, the different layers of the rock represent different time periods on the planet. They represent different cultures that may or may not be present at this time. And so if you think about the dimensions in terms of that, thatís kind of how they work.

There was a time when dinosaurs were on the earth, and that was a very different time than now. And thereís an awareness of that, but it doesnít directly impact daily life. But our children are taught about this time. And itís in our collective conscious and our collective awareness, and thatís how the dimensions work too. That even though youíre only in one dimension, you are aware of the other dimensions at some level and they play into the decisions you make.

Many Beings too that arenít even conscious of it, have lifetimes before and after their Earth-bound experience which are encoded in their cellular memory so it plays into their experience here. So even Beings who arenít interested in ascension or the fifth dimension at this time, many of them have had other experiences multi-dimensionally.

To think of it any other way would imply that third dimension is all there is. That means that somebody in third dimension would have to have created all this, and that doesnít make any sense. If you want to just make it simple to think about.

If there are not steps to Creation, because thatís sort of misleading, steps usually have a linear connotation, can we maybe just sort of rephrase that or reframe that, in saying, how do we optimize Creation, or the creative process?

Thatís a good idea. The answer is that you canít do anything other than optimal Creation. Everything is Creation, even if you create destitution or misery or pain. Thatís still a brilliant expression of Creation. Thereís only one way you can create and thatís optimally.

Why would you want to create something thatís uncomfortable?

Because thatís an experience that, as a Divine being, being uncomfortable doesnít make any sense to you. You donít have any understanding of that, because nothing would be uncomfortable. It is going to be important and necessary for you to recognize that you have created everything that you are experiencing and to some degree participating in everything thatís being created on the planet and beyond and beyond and beyond.

This can get really big. But weíll keep it within with your lifetime, with whatís going on with the planet now, or with your life experience. And this is a key to ascension, that youíre not going to move in the fifth dimension until you take full responsibility for everything that you create in every moment.

You all have a rudimentary understanding of this as far as already understanding that you create your own reality. You draw people to you that you are interested in, or whatever, so youíve all been playing with this idea and now weíre just going to take it a step further. Begin to think about recognizing and owning everything, without judgment and without qualification. The Creation of war is as precious as the Creation of the Garden of Eden.

So why isnít our goal, instead of ascension, descension?

It actually is. There is no difference. The only way youíre going to be able to ascend is to completely be here and remember that thereís no other place you want to be than here right now or you wouldnít be. That is the paradox and that is actually a very key ingredient to ascension.

Another way to think about it is ascending is wanting to try something different just as you wanted to try being third dimensional. Which is different than wanting to try something other than third dimensional because third dimensional is uncomfortable. It is moving towards something rather than moving away from something. It is moving towards a new experience rather than moving away from an uncomfortable experience.

So when we say ďascend,Ē that seems to be the perfect thing to do. Why donít we say, ďOk, letís move horizontally or diagonally or downwardĒ?

That is a very good way to think about it because there is this kind of unconscious assumption that ascension is up. And up is better than down. And so thinking about it horizontally is very useful, itís just another direction, and you donít want to get trapped in the time-space continuum idea, but itís like that. Itís just this experience is different from another experience.

Does that meant that we are simply looking for different experiences?

Yes, exactly! Youíre all just a bunch of experience junkies.

Well Iíd kind of like to be more consciously creating and leave a few more of the ďOh, whoops!Ē out of it.

And youíre nearing that time. But weíd like you to consider the possibility that the ďOh, whoops!Ē has just been a kick in the pants. You keep thinking that youíre getting sideswiped, you keep thinking, ďBoy if Iíd been prepared for that I couldíve been so much more creative,Ē but that was actually the fun of it. The unexpected.

The whole idea that you can create and not be aware of your Creation until it knocks up against you just tickles you as a Divine being. When you were thinking about doing that you couldnít wait to see what it would be like to not know that you were creating everything.