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2012: Doorway Beyond Time



What do we need to do to physically and emotionally prepare for 2012?


The first thing that you need to understand is that shift into the energy of 2012 is not a future event. You have officially completely, and entirely, without a doubt, moved into the energy of 2012. Moving into the energy of 2012 is now technically in your past from a time/space perspective.


So to answer your question about what you will physically and mentally experience we are going to talk about how to gracefully navigate this new energy. To begin, it is important to understand that you have already shifted dimensions and realities on so many different levels.


It is much like you shifted the chairs around the room just before this reading. When you walked in all the chairs were facing one way and you had an expectation of where I would stand and who was sitting in front of you and who was next to and behind you. Now you are facing a different direction and things are just fine. That is all the energy of 2012 is. You can handle this.


You just havenít been in this energy all that long, yet you have been thinking about it and anticipating it for so long that some of you have yourselves worried and with all kinds of questions and concerns and worries about earth changes, polar shifts etc. This is why you donít have any short-term memory anymore. This is why you feel stressed out. This is why it feels like time is accelerating.


This is also why you feel that little flicker of hope in your heart that has been absent in the last couple of years. That hope has come back because this truly is the age of enlightenment. This is the time that Humanity has been working towards since the beginning of Humanity itself.


There is no difference between what you are calling this reality and multidimensional reality. The thing is you have this belief that 2012 is real and the reality that you are in now is the illusion and that you are moving from the illusion into the reality. That is not accurate. You are simply moving from this illusion into another illusion.


Just as people in each country have customs specific to them, for example there are certain foods that are eaten. People dress in certain clothing. There is a language that is commonly spoken and a currency specific that is exchanged. There are guidelines that regulate how a country functions that the people living there agree to.


The same idea is true for illusionary realities and dimensions and the reason that you feel so overwhelmed and confused right now is that you have not yet learned the guidelines for the new illusion that you have entered into because they are different from the guidelines that you have used in the past.


What we want you to understand is that all the hard work that you have done, and all of the spiritual foundations that you have laid, and all the information that you have gathered are pretty much irrelevant at this point. The point of all that was to get to this point and now you have shifted. However, it is not that you are completely starting over from here. It is more like when you go from grade school to middle school.


About the time that you finish grade school you have pretty much figured out how to behave in class and on the playground and you have the distinction of being among the oldest children, but then you get to middle school and you are suddenly at the bottom of the pecking order again and it takes awhile to learn the new social dynamics and the different class structure.


All of the stability of having one teacher and being in class with the same people all day is gone and instead you have to move from classroom to classroom and each classroom has a different teacher and a different combination of students, not to mention that now you donít get recess!


This shift that you have made is very much like that. And although you can draw from what you have learned up until this point, everything now becomes more complex and more interesting. You are becoming more dynamic. This is a good thing and how you feel right now is not an accurate indication of anything other than the fact that you overwhelmed.


What is interesting about this shift?


Oh, many things! The first one that we would like to mention is that there are as many realities as there are Beings envisioning those realties. You are not all sitting here in the same room having the same conversation. You are all creating each other to perpetuate your own illusionary reality. You didnít actually shift from a third-dimensional illusion to a fifth-dimensional; you shifted from a collective co-created illusion third-dimensional illusion into an infinite number of fifth-dimensional illusions created at the same time, which is different than co-creation. That is kind of interesting.


Another thing that has changed is group dynamics. Letís talk a little bit about how third-dimensional groups are different from fifth-dimensional groups. Third-dimensional groups often form around a single theme or idea. Often one person, or sometimes two people, has a vision and a group evolves to supports the different aspects of that vision to help manifest it and make it happen.


Fifth-dimensional group dynamics are quite different. In a fifth-dimensional group everyone is there for a different reason. We donít mean a different perspective, we mean an entirely different reason, and each person in the group supports the vision of each of the other people in the group.


Some of you have already actually been doing this in some of the groups that you have been in, almost by accident and then suddenly recognizing that you thought that you were all talking about the same thing; you thought that you all had the same understanding; you thought that you were all part of the group for the same reason; but in fact you all have very different, yet equally interesting reasons. These can still be successful groups even when it happens by accident and this type of group dynamic will become more common.


The analogy that we like to use is that in third-dimensional creation each of you is a different ingredient of say a pie, or a cake. Some of you are the flour. Some of you are the sugar. Some of you are the spices, or the eggs, or fruit. The idea being that when you combine who you are together you create a delicious concoction, analogous to a relationship or a group that requires different elements to exist.


On the other hand, fifth-dimensional creation can be compared to an entire bakery in which each of you is a pie, or a cake or a cookie complete with all the needed ingredients and together you all create a bakery comprised of a variety of interesting and delicious treats.


If we are shifting from co-creation how will that affect our world, for example major religions and governments?


There will be significant effects and you are already seeing some of them. Things are falling apart and being reorganized. Hidden information is being revealed. Another dynamic of a third-dimensional illusion compared to a fifth-dimensional illusion is that third-dimensionally there is often a recognized leader, or group who appears to be an authority in or an expert on the collective vision. For example in the Catholic religion, the whole idea of a Pope isnít going to work in a fifth-dimensional illusion. And that system is already being affected by this energy shift. Although it is not going to break down over night, it is very clearly beginning to change.


Fifth-dimensionally there is no one in an authority position. There is no such thing as an outside authority. Even third-dimensionally it only appears that this is possible, but there are many people who like to behave as if they are an authority and there are many others who like to behave as if there are those that have authority over them so that they donít have to take personal responsibility for their choices and actions. This is a perfect example of third-dimensional co-creation, an arrangement that works for everyone involved in the creation of the illusion.


When people begin taking responsibility for creating their own illusions we begin living in a very different world. What you are seeing now is the beginning of that. Some people are choosing to take more responsibility for their choices and actions than ever before and others are choosing to take less responsibility than ever before; and you are seeing the dichotomy of that playing out in your personal lives and globally. That is kind of in a nutshell what you are going to see more of between now and the actual year 2012.


Different versions of perceived reality are going to become more and more in paradox with each other and the belief systems that support these perspectives more obvious and the recognition that they cannot all co-exist together anymore in the same way anymore and choose where to go from here. And because you are no longer co-creating reality you will not go in the same directions. So when we say where are you going to go from here, we donít mean as a collective, we mean individually, at the same time. There is a difference. Begin to think in those terms. Begin to think about doing things together, at the same time, in the same place, but not collectively.


Is the increased sun activity affecting our DNA?


It is not that the sunís increased intensity is so much affecting the acceleration of our DNA as it is that they are happening at the same time because they are part of the same larger process. Just as your energy is accelerating so is the energy of the sun and that makes it burn even hotter. The sun that you know now is not the same sun that you knew as a child, as you are well aware with the increased need for stronger sunscreens and able to spend less time in the light from the sun.


The ultimate effect is that you and sun itself are going to make a dimensional leap. The energy is going to speed up so much that it will literally change into something else. If you think about the concept of a black hole you can begin to understand how this works. From a scientific perspective, when you observe the effects of a black hole the energy appears to move more slowly and is more solid the further out from the center it is, and conversely as it spirals toward the center, the energy speeds up and becomes chaotic and less defined, until finally the particles eventually appear to dissipate.


If you could see a black hole from space it would appear as two funnels extending out in opposite directions and narrowly connected in the middle. It is in the narrowest part of the funnel that energy is reformed as it spirals into and out from the center of the two funnels. In fact, the energy never actually dissipates, instead it continually forms and reforms as it spirals into and out from the center of the funnels.


This relates to understanding the suns connection to humanity because as the energy from the sun continues to accelerate, and your personal energy fields also speed up, the momentum from all that energy will allow a quantum dimensional leap to occur. The light from the sun is going to continue to increase in intensity and over the next five to ten years humans will only be able to be in direct sunlight for much shorter periods of time. The time frame for the dimensional shift to occur is in fifteen to twenty-five years.


It is important to recognize that you have only begun to comprehend the degree of change that has already taken place. So even though from this moment in time this looks like a future of massive destruction, that is not necessarily the case because your energy is also accelerating in conjunction with the energy of the sun and you will make this leap together and spiral into another reality. You are not being negatively affected by the sun as you might be if you were participating in separate processes. You are in this together.


Remember that you have not always been in human form as you are now. Consider the possibility that you have taken the form of a sun yourself in another time and have actually gone through this process before, because indeed you have. This is not the first time for any of you to go through this progression of accelerating into a quantum shift of dimensions, it is simply the first time that you have done it while in human form. It is merely a choice that you have made to arrange the particles of your energy into a particular form to experience yourself from unique perspective.


This information is excerpted from the 2012: Doorway Beyond Time Group Reading.

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