Is there a difference between Earth moving into the fifth dimensional and Human Beings moving into the fifth dimension?

Yes, there is a difference. The energy from the eclipses and the photon belt and Planet X are an opportunity. Earth is clear on what she is going to do with the new energy, but for Humanity, there are different levels and different degrees of what is going to be done with it.

We are talking about opportunities from different kinds of energy and we can talk about the potential and the possibilities of what they mean for Humanity. It is possible for Humanity as a group or individuals or soul groups within Humanity on Earth at this time to react in the same way that Earth is, by moving into Fifth Dimension.

It is a choice to choose not to go into panic and resistance, and instead to move faster and faster with the new energy and use it as a vehicle of ascension. Which is exactly what it is. But if you resist it, it is just like if you are on a ride at the fair and as it goes faster and faster and faster if you resist it you feel nauseous and you look down. But if you look out and just go with it, you are able to go with the movement and it becomes part of you and it can be fun. But if you donít want to be there and you resist it and you just hold it in youíre going to just get sick.

And this is already happening isnít it?

 Yes, it has been happening in waves. When an influx of energy comes, and everything speeds up, as it goes faster and everybody kind of goes, ďWhoa!Ē And then you have a little time to adjust, and think, ďOh, thatís okayĒ. And then another wave comes and you go, ďWhoa!Ē And what the ďWhoas!Ē feel like is everythingís going crazy and that everything is closing in on you.

Everything is out of control. Youíre overwhelmed, too much coming too fast. It feels like wave, upon wave, upon wave. All of these things that youíre experiencing are because things are speeding up. And thatís where the resistance comes in. If you resist it, things get very uncomfortable. But if you just learn to do things in a different way. Release some things that you felt so strongly about before and the key is to be willing to see everything differently.

Just as Earth is going to turn on her axis, thatís whatís going to happen to you too. And that does not mean that you will feel like you are standing on your head, itís going to be more like youíre spinning. Theyíre showing me a person spinning in all different directions as opposed to a person standing upright and then standing on their head. Thatís the kind of change and potential that is coming in with these changes that we are talking about.

Itís very exciting. And as soon as you get used to this, and can go with it, itís just going to go so fast and thatís what has to happen for us to move into ascension.

What are some tools and techniques to deal with this change?

The most important one is to be willing to throw out anything that you believe or have attached to. Or, just consider the possibility that at some point you might be willing to do that. You donít have to commit to it at this point. Throw out beliefs you have about anything, and any ideas that youíre attached to.

I thought you were talking about things.

Those too.

Do we have to give up pets too? Or are they going to go along?

You donít HAVE to give up anything. When things are going well, there is a tendency to kind of pat ourselves on the back and say, ďOh, Iím doing really well. Iím eating well.Ē Or, ďIím hanging out with the right peopleĒ. Or, ďIím doing the right kind of work.Ē Or, ďIím focusing.Ē Or whatever. That in itself in limiting because even though itís may be really good in the moment that you start doing it or you set it in motion, you always have to be cognizant and that it can change on a dime.

Reality is going to change on a dime. And so that is the lesson in this, learning to just not attach to anything. Anyone. And it doesnít mean to just sit there and let everything spin around you and donít attach. Quite the opposite. Engage with everything, fully put your heart into it because it is important is that you are able to take your heart and the very core of you into this change.

By non-attachment you mean donít attach yourself to an emotion, just allow it?

Donít attach yourself to any expectation. It is a time/space shift to non-time/space because you think, this is a really good thing, but then thirty seconds later it may not be the best thing for you anymore, something else better is going to come along.

Every time something blows up in your face, or falls out from underneath you, or just doesnít fit anymore; itís only because something better is on its way. No exception, always. So when things start falling apart Ö and itís hard to remember this in the moment, and it doesnít mean donít get frustrated and donít get angry, and donít throw a fit, and donít get stuck there, go ahead and do that if you want to. But in the middle of that, try 30 minutes of doing it Ö letting go and then hang back on and be mad.

So just kind of move in and out and play with it and feel it shift. It wonít serve you to be spitting mad and just make yourself meditate and make yourself, ďOkay, Iím going to be serene, and Iím going to love this.Ē Because thatís going to just get you stuck right away.

So basically go with the flow. Okay, the examples youíve given are sort of outside occurrences that have occurred to you outside your own volition. And you just say, you know, be cool, you know, go with the flow and so forth. But youíre saying here is to throw out beliefs? Now, how do you know which beliefs you want to throw out?

The things that happening externally to you are based on beliefs that you have. So everything in your experience, and this is the whole crux of third dimensional experience, everything in experience is there to give you an opportunity to react to it, because it is a reflection of what is going on inside of you.

So you donít have to sit down and make a list of all your beliefs, although you could do this. Sit down and make a list of all of your beliefs Ö but just look at whatís happening in your life. Look at whatís being called into question about your beliefs. Look at how youíre reacting to people. Look at how youíre reacting to information. Look what is interesting to you that wasnít interesting to you last week. If youíre committing to, for example, a degree of study or a particular job or a particular artistic expression and thatís what youíve always wanted to do.

You have worked really hard to get to this point and now itís time for it to happen, on the very day itís supposed to happen it doesnít happen, be willing to just say, ďOh, something else must be there. Even though I just spent 20 years ÖĒ and then you can just stomp around and be mad and say, ďI put all this money and effort into this and itís just all going to hell!Ē But whatever else is coming thereís going to be plenty of financial energy there, plenty of emotional support, plenty of everything.

Nothing is going to come to you as an opportunity or as a challenge or anything that youíre not ready for. So you can also just congratulate yourself when everythingís falling apart and say, ďAlright, I really am making some progress here because Iím in a good position to have everything go to hell, just for me.Ē

Well, I must be making exponential progress here.

Yes, many, many beings are right now. Everything is really in a state of flux. And we want to talk about the expression, ďgo with the flow,Ē which calls to mind a flowing river or a flowing stream, perhaps moving fast. We want you to envision something more like a washing machineÖ something, thatís not linear.

Going with the flow doesnít mean just relaxing and going, it means being willing to have parts of you going in different directions at the same time and just getting all twisted up and go in reverse. So the flow is not this smooth serene thing that you might be envisioning Ö

How about the spin cycle of a dryer? Would that be appropriate?

Oh, that would be wonderful. Bounce from this, to this, to this. Yes. And a dryer can be really warm and fuzzy and comforting. You just have to be happy bouncing around. Once you get used to being able to interact with all the different information thatís coming to you from the different parts of yourself, that is going to make you more able to interact with other beings, because at this point, right now, you can barely interact with anyone around you.

You have completely shut off all of your telepathic communication. There are so many more ways that you can interact, and create, and experience the Beings around you, but you donít know how to do that yet because everything has to be linear. You can only talk to one or two people at a time. There is a whole time/space thing happening. So once you get yourself able to be all over the place you will be able to interact with a lot more people and that will move into this great creation with different Beings and itís non-linear. It is like a network of energy, like a grid or like the circuitry in a computer.

Does it have to do with the way we recreate in the Fifth Dimension without having all of the attachments of the dimension, being able to move in and out of everybodyís different realities?

Yes. Exactly. Because in order to move in and out of other peoples realities you would have to be completely clear in your own experience or youíre going to bump into other peopleís stuff and get stuck. So once you get all your stuff sorted out in yourself,+ you can move in other peopleís realities and not experience judgment and not get stuck in self-judgment or judgment of others.

How does being in groups like this, coming together and hearing things like this change, help to change the energy?

Being together in groups like this is more attune with your natural state of being. Itís unusual to experience yourself as individual as you are experiencing yourself. This is because you understand yourself as a being is merely a tiny segment of who you are. And you can think about this in several different ways.

You can think about in it terms of ďYou are God,Ē but think for a minute, what it means to be God. It means to have your touch in everything that is. To have yourself experiencing multiple experiences all at once. This is inherent in your ability to create and being in groups reminds you of what if feels like to be less individual and to be more joined with other parts of yourself.

The individual is a third dimensional concept. It has been very useful and we are not at all minimizing the wonderful uniqueness of that experience. But, from your perspective, itís all you remember and have known for a while, and gathering together in groups reminds you of what you used to know before your short-term memory of who you are. So gathering in groups is very useful from that perspective.