Eating for Ascension


The process of Ascension requires a tremendous amount of energy as each cell in your body evolves from carbon to crystalline and the latent encoding is activated within your DNA. At this stage in the Ascension process it is essential to recognize that a significant amount of the energy required for this transformation comes from what and how you eat. Essentially, your digestive system and proper nutrition are fundamental building blocks in the Ascension process.


From a purely physiological perspective, the effective utilization of the nutrients that you receive through food is vital to your survival and well-being. If you do not eat you will die and if you do not eat well you will become ill. Your body receives nutrients through your digestive system and the care and maintenance of that system must be a priority for you if you are to move beyond the initial stages of Ascension.


Think for a moment about the importance of children getting proper nutrition during key stages of their growth and development and what happens when they do not receive the nutrients that they require at those times. This is similar to the degree of importance that proper nutrition plays for your growth and development during the Ascension process.


Access to and assimilation of needed nutrients are not only important for the physiological aspect of the Ascension process but also for the mental and emotional components. Many of the discomforts that you categorize as ‘Ascension symptoms’ such as depression, anxiety, brain fog, overwhelm, blurry vision, apathy and exhaustion can be indications that you are asking your body to perform certain functions without giving it the tools to do so.


An inherent aspect of moving deeper into the Ascension process is to learn to listen to your body and to acknowledge and address the messages that it is sending you. We will give you eight considerations to actively improve your eating habits and the effectiveness of your digestive system that are essential to optimize your body’s ability to assimilate the nutrients it needs to move gracefully into the next stages of Ascension.



1. Make eating a priority. Simply put, your body requires food intake to function. Include menu planning, grocery shopping and meal preparation in your weekly schedule.



2. Eat often. Do not go longer than four hours without eating. Plan ahead and have snacks available. Use the alarm on your cell phone if you need to remind yourself to eat.



3. Make eating interesting. Try new foods. Plan and cook interesting meals. Share cooking with others, for example double your recipe and exchange with someone else.



4. Combine foods appropriately. Combining foods improperly adversely affects your body’s ability to effectively utilize the nutrients in what you eat.

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5. Balance your body’s pH. When your pH is not balanced you cannot effectively assimilate the nutrients available from the food that you eat.

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6. Get tested for food allergies and sensitivities. When you eat foods that you are allergic or sensitive to, not only is your body unable to utilize the nutrients in the food but allergies can also cause nasal congestion, headache, fatigue, cramping, mood swings, reoccurring infections, skin rashes etc.



7. Do not drink fluids with meals. Liquids dilute the digestive juices and extremes of heat and cold interfere with the secretion of the digestive juices.



8. Take supplements to support digestion. Include probiotics, amino acids, essential fatty acids and trace minerals in your diet.

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