Finding Your Equilibrium;
Accelerating with the Crystalline Energy

Each of you is becoming acutely aware of the amplification of energy pouring into the planet that is accelerating every aspect of your experience. The energy is causing either constructive or destructive consequences depending on how proactively (love) or reactively (fear) you are choosing to participate with the circumstances and people in your life.
You have experienced this energy in very personal ways and through major transitions in all areas of your lives. Without exception, significant shifts have occurred for each of you. You changed jobs. Your relationships ended. You moved. You experienced health issues. Your financial security was destabilized, etc. As a result, you are not who you were two weeks ago and inevitably you are not who you will be two weeks from now.
Although the extreme nature of your recent experiences may appear to be settling down for the time being, you cannot help but wonder what is yet to come. It has been one challenge after another for so long now and consequently you are mentally and emotionally off balance. It is imperative that you do not allow the apprehension and uncertainty that you feel to become fear and manifest as reactive responses to the challenges that lie before you.
Imagine you are a pendulum
We will give you an analogy to help illustrate what is occurring for you. Imagine you are a pendulum that has been swinging back and forth from left to right and you are now gradually swinging less widely in each direction. You would like to believe that at long last the pendulum will stop swinging altogether and settle quietly in the middle.
What is actually happening is that the pendulum is decreasing the width of it’s swing from the left to the right not to settle in the middle, but instead to begin swinging widely again to the front and to the back. The swinging of the pendulum represents your life experiences. By desiring the movement to stop, you are in essence assuming that it is the experiences themselves that are causing you the discomfort that you are currently experiencing.
In fact, it is your response to the circumstances that determines the degree of equilibrium that you experience in your life, not the circumstances themselves. In order to remain in equilibrium, your responses to situations in your life must remain in flux yet continually in alignment with you are. Furthermore, the whole point is to reveal to yourself who you are in the context of your Human experience. Consider the possibility that your desire for stability is in actuality a desire for stasis.
The key is recognizing that you do not need the circumstances of your life to attain a state of stasis in order for you to find your equilibrium. The pendulum of your experience will perpetually swing in a particular direction for awhile and eventually begin to settle into the middle again only to change directions once more and perhaps even split into two pendulums and begin swinging in all four directions simultaneously.
Your capacity to experience reality will become increasingly complex
As you evolve into your Divine Human potential, your capacity to experience reality will become increasingly complex. That whole point of the Ascension process is to amplify your ability to consciously interact with exponentially increasing degrees of light and love in order to be able to create infinitely expanding complex experiences of reality.
Consequently, it would be a good idea now to find your equilibrium in the context of the current acceleration of energy because this is only the beginning of greater evolution in all areas of your lives. Exponential acceleration is the fundamental nature of the energy required to make the quantum leap into your experience as Divinely Human.
In essence, when you resist addressing the circumstances that continue to present themselves as challenges for you, you are essentially saying “no thank you, I am not interested in knowing who I am” The whole point of being Human is to remember who you are and the only way you can do that is through experience, i.e. the swinging of the pendulum.
It is only when you let go of your desire for the challenges to stop and embrace the opportunities to evolve more fully into yourself that you can live without the fear of loss and move fully into the Divine Human expression of love that you inherently are.
The universe is comprised of energy continually changing form
It is not possible for absolute motionlessness to occur as the entire universe is comprised of energy continually changing form. It is only from a third-dimensional perspective of reality that it would appear that there is lack of movement. Now that you are spending increasing amounts of time creating your reality from a fifth-dimensional perspective, you need to find your equilibrium within the conscious awareness that what you perceive as static reality is in fact in perpetual flux.
The amplification of energy offered is essentially neutral. This means that it will energize whatever you are working towards or denying equally. If you have been making an effort to determine what and who you really want in your life, you now literally have all of the energy in the universe to help you make that happen. By the same token, if you have been avoiding those aspects of yourself that you don’t want to acknowledge, you now have all the energy in the universe to amplify those very aspects so that you are unable to avoid them any longer.
Inherent in the amplification of energy is a magnification of the degree of light and love available to enhance your Human experience and as such offers many challenges and many, many opportunities. Accelerated energy is a crucial component in activating your latent DNA encoding which allows you to achieve your highest potential as a Divine Human. What happens next is the reason that you chose to incarnate into Human form. This is why you are here. You are going to fully reveal yourself, to yourself.
The light quotient within each of your cells amplifies exponentially
As you move out of the energy of polarity and into the energy of unification, the light quotient within each of your cells amplifies exponentially. You are literally becoming enlightened. You are also discovering that there are things that you did not want to see now that the lights are on. However, since you made the choice to pursue enlightenment you are now responsible for what is shining in your face.
You can no longer claim plausible deniability. You asked the questions and you now have the answers. It is up to each of you on an individual level to do what is necessary to bring yourself into equilibrium within the altered perspectives that have been revealed to you through your pursuit of a more meaningful existence. You opened this door and you are ready to move though it into an entirely new version of reality. You are ready for this. It could be no other way. You would not be here if you weren’t.
It is of the utmost importance that you find your equilibrium sooner rather than later because the energy pouring into the planet will continue to accelerate. Within this energy, you are no longer allowed the luxury of denying who you are or those aspects of yourself that you are allowing to hold you back from becoming the highest expression of who you are meant to be.
What is the most effective way to communicate with each other in this new energy?
The simple answer is to tell the truth. In order to be most authentic with others you must first be authentic with yourself. Now don’t confuse telling the truth with saying absolutely everything that occurs to you. You also need to use some discretion and recognize when your version of the truth is in actuality an attempt to impose your belief systems on someone else. That is not telling the truth; that is trying to control others.
In order to be able to effectively communicate with other people it is essential to recognize that everyone is living their lives according to their own life plans within the context of their experiences beyond this lifetime. Regardless of how close you believe your relationships to be with those you care about, you have no way of knowing who they are in a much larger context.
The best way to recognize who someone is is not necessarily by what they say they want it their lives, but by the choices that they are making and the life that they are living. In order to be in authentic relationship with someone, you must honor their choices and resist the impulse to impose your beliefs on them under the mistaken assumption that you are helping. Ultimately what you are trying to do is to make yourself feel better because their choices are making you uncomfortable.
In order to have the most effective communication with other people you must allow yourself to see people for who they truly are and allow yourself to be who you truly are and then see what happens next. This is the only way in which you can experience true intimacy and authenticity with each other.