Learn to Follow Your Heart


As you enter the remaining two years of the 2012 ascension window, each of you is choosing the version of reality that you want to participate in during the final phase of this aspect of your human expression.  Until recently, the goal has been to participate as fully as you could from a limited human perspective and to gather as much information as possible in the form of your life experiences.


Many of you have created your most valuable lessons in the form of drama and fear. It is now time to recognize what you have learned from those interactions and move beyond the drama and fear to compile all of the useful information that you now possess.


The lessons learned have helped you to define who you are as well as who you are not. You can now choose where you want to go from here and what you want your life to be about. The next step is take action on a daily basis to support your choice and to do this you must follow your heart. (read The Power of Your Heart article)


It is useful to imagine this time of choice as an hourglass. The available opportunities that have been abundant as represented by the expansiveness of the hourglass and are moving into confluence as humanity moves closer to the end of collectively creating the current illusion of limitation and polarity. 


Options will continue to diminish as you approach the 2012 portal in alignment with your choices in order for the manifestation of what you chose to have the potency of energy required to bring them into physicality.  Then once you move through the ascension portal, you will expand out again into a different experience of reality. 


How will I know what to choose? 

Many of you have asked, “How will I know what to choose?”  The answer is simple.  Each of you has an internal navigation system designed to keep you in alignment with your Divine Blueprint during your human experience. Built into this system is everything that you need to know about what is yours to do and all that is required is that you pay attention to it.


When you don’t pay attention, you become sick, or you find yourself in a relationship that is uncomfortable, or you work at a job that you don’t like.  When you realize that you are doing something that is having physical or emotional repercussions, carefully decide if you want to continue to choose it. 


It is essential that you recognize that you are creating your reality by the choices that you make in each moment. Sometimes there is a little faith involved, and you may need to let go of something that no longer serves you before you can recognize that the exact person or situation that you desire is right in front of you. For example, acknowledging that a relationship is no longer in your best interest and choosing to end it without any certainty of the timing or circumstances of another relationship.


Other times you must create a solid stepping stone from what is no longer to serving you to what will. For example, finding a new job before leaving one that does not serve you allows you to move in the direction that you desire yet that is practical and does not create unnecessary anxiety of not having the money you require to pay your bills. You must ascertain which of these approaches is most useful for each situation in your life that no longer serves you.


Begin to practice following your heart

You can begin to practice following your heart by asking yourself when you wake up in the morning, “What do I feel like doing first today?" and then do it.  And once you have completed that, ask again "Now what do want to do next?" and then do that. As you go from moment to moment in this manner you are following your heart. This may be challenging at first, because you are used to being committed and adhering to schedules, but consider this approach and see where it takes you. 


Begin practicing letting go of planning so much of your life in small ways.  Start doing this on a weekend when you don’t have as many obligations. Choose not to make any plans one Saturday and see where the weekend takes you. Once you get the hang of that, try it on a Monday and see where the week takes you.


As you begin to practice following your heart, there may be times that you recognize that what you are committed to is not what you truly want to be doing. That’s okay, honor your agreements and at the same time be aware of the choices that you are making, and then gradually, begin to make fewer commitments, leave more empty time on your calendar, and begin to become comfortable with living moment to moment.


Following your heart brings you to that which is most important

Learning to follow your heart is not the same thing as giving yourself permission to be irresponsible. For instance, if you do not go to work one day or do not honor a commitment that you have made and then experience regret due to the consequences that result, that is not following your heart. That is a matter of not taking responsibility for making life choices in alignment with you are.


If you find that going to work or honoring your commitments are not in alignment with following your heart, then you might want to consider finding a new job and re-evaluate who and what you are currently making commitments to. 


You will find that following your heart inevitably brings you to that which is most important for you to do and you will find that those aspects of your life that do not serve your highest expression will become uninteresting to you and fall away.  When you follow your heart you will inevitably find yourself exactly where you are meant to be. It can be no other way. Making a conscious shift from expansion into confluence will alleviate much of the pressure that so many of you are feeling right now and allow you to flow smoothly from this version of reality into the next.