We contain within our DNA latent encoding to create Heaven on Earth and through accessing the Mayan information available to us we can activate our personal encoding and remember who we are and achieve what we are here to do.


The Galactic Alignment: Mayan Keys of Power Seminar is a four part series that assists you in developing a personal connection to the energy of 2012 through interactive activities which allow you to experience Mayan Keys of Power multidimensionally.


This seminar is divided into four Keys of Power and each Key is associated with a specific direction and season: North/Winter; South/Summer; East/Spring; and West/Fall.


For each of the four Keys, participants will create a set of 4 cards based on his or her personal experiences with each Mayan Key of Power for a total set of 16 cards. In each level we will work with specific modalities to create third dimensional correlations to the Keys on one side and fifth dimensional correlations to the Keys on the other side.


To explore your third-dimensional relationship with each Mayan Key we will work with the energies of the sun, the wind, the river and the cave. To explore your fifth-dimensional relationship to each Mayan Key we will work with Shamanic Wisdom, ancient Crystal Skulls, the Elemental World and the Akashic Records.


 The cards can then be used for ongoing personal Galactic Alignment as daily affirmations, in meditation or as you would use any oracle deck of cards to do readings for yourself and others.


Each of the four Keys in the series can be developed independently and in any order.

The fee for each Key of the series is $88

or $320 for the full seminar.


This seminar is available as a four week Personal Program

or visit the Calendar page for scheduled dates and locations.


Take this seminar with a friend and save $40.

Friends must schedule weekly sessions together.


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