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Understanding Indigo & Crystal Energy


In this Group Reading we are given information from the Akashic Records about how Indigo and Crystal energy affects all of us, not only children, and give specific tips to recognize when we are interacting with Indigo and Crystal people and techniques on how to effectively communicate with them.


In this reading we are also given information about how to recognize the characteristics of Indigo and Crystal energy within ourselves and through experiential meditations what those energies feel like.




The Indigo Factor: Parenting Galactic Children


In this Group Reading we are given information from the Akashic Records about understanding the Indigo children in our lives. Indigo children perceive and interact with the world far differently than other children do and when their thought processes and behaviors are not understood, it creates frustration for everyone.


Conversely, once we recognize the unique perspectives that Indigo children use to interact with the world around them we can encourage them to develop their innate gifts and see them for the visionaries that they are.


Read an excerpt from this reading that lists 10 key concepts for

Understanding the Indigo Perspective




Reconstructing the Human Blueprint:

Children of the New Energy


In this Group Reading we are given information from the Akashic Records about children sometimes called Indigo, Crystal, Emerald and Rainbow that carry within their DNA different encoding than most people and as a result are often highly sensitive to emotions, chemicals, environmental toxins, refined and hybrid foods etc.


Many of these children are also very creative and extremely intelligent and as a result have unusual learning and communication styles. Parents are faced with unique challenges and in this session we will be given information to help understand how best to support and assist these children in developing their unique gifts from birth as they grow into teenagers and young adults.




Star Children:

Seed of the Future

Star Children carry within their conscious memory the Divine Blueprint of the highest potential for Humanity and because of this their interaction with the world around them is often unique. Star Children have an internal compass that does not allow them to participate in the third-dimensional illusion in the ways that other humans do. If they allow themselves to be drawn too far into density and polarity they have immediate and intense reactions; emotionally, physically and mentally.


Indigo and Crystal Children fall into the Star Children category, however they are only the forerunners to true Star Children. The Children of the Indigo and Crystal energies are paving the way for Star Children to be born into our world. When Star Children take human form their energy blueprints are more in alignment with the dolphins and the whales than with other humans. These amazing children have much to offer.