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From the perspective of the Galactic Maya, Divine Consciousness is the Source of all energy. This Divine Consciousness manifests itself as an infinite number of possible forms throughout all dimensions. Each possible form is a frequency vibration; indeed all matter is essentially interconnected waves of energy. 

To understand galactic time, it will be helpful to think in terms of frequencies and harmonic resonance. Indeed, numbers within Mayan mathematics do not specifically relate to quantity, as is usually assumed; all numbers, including zero, represent an understanding of reality based on frequencies, vibrations, and harmonics.

For the Maya, time was viewed as an endless web of cycles within cycles, all connected by an infinite spiral of eternal now: the Zuvuya and they placed considerable significance in the convergence of two or more cycles. In addition, each representation of time, whether that of a glyph or number, held a specific archetypal or spiritual energy that was considered sacred.

The basic unit of time in the Mayan calendar is called kin.  This word means day, sun, person, and relative.  The Maya track temporal cycles one kin at a time. Mayan mathematics uses a base 20, or vigesimal, counting system that begins with zero (i.e. 0-19).  A kin also means 20 days; thus, all Mayan cycle calibrations can be expanded by factors of 20. 


The Maya understood and used at least 17 different calendars. For the purposes of understanding galactic time, we will be discussing the Tzolkin, or sacred count. 

In general, the Tzolkin is a perpetual 260 day calendar created by the permutations of 20 symbols and 13 numbers.  Interestingly, the origin of this calendar can be traced back to the Olmecs and is still in use today by modern Maya living in the Guatemalan highlands.  In other words, this calendar has been in use by human beings for at least 3000 years. 

This cycle is not based on the movement of our Sun, the Earth, or any other planet in the solar system.  The Tzolkin is synchronized with the movement of energy and consciousness within our galaxy, and can be referred to as the galactic spin.  All the other cycles of stars and planets are built into, and follow from the Tzolkin.

The Tzolkin reflects the Hunab Ku, the conscious center of the galaxy.  The Maya believed it was necessary to align oneself with this energy to attain spiritual harmony in life and with nature.  The Tzolkin is a powerful tool which can be utilized for retrieval of galactic information.  It can also be used to synchronize your self, through resonance, with the galactic whole.

As mentioned above, the Tzolkin is actually a matrix formed by the possible combinations of 20 day glyphs, also called solar tribes, and 13 sacred numbers. Consequently this count can be understood as twenty 13-day cycles or thirteen 20-day cycles. 

Each of the 13 numbers represents a resonant pulsation of the galactic being, or Hunab Ku.  Each pulse carries a particular radiant energy.  Similarly, the 20 day glyphs represent different tones or frequencies, each of which is supersaturated with meaning. 

As a series, the 20 glyphs describe the unfolding process of life itself.  For example, the first glyph is Imix, which is the Dragon, Source of Life, and Mother. The last glyph is Ahau, which is the Sun, represents completion, union, wholeness, enlightenment, and transcendence.  In the context of harmonic resonance, the 20 glyphs represent the cycle of frequency-range possibilities that each of the 13 galactic pulsations may undergo.

The information on this page is excerpted from  www.gaianxaos.com/GalacticMayanFinalMission.htm