Understanding the Nature of Grace


When you perceive reality from the perspective of Grace it is useful to conceptualize a spiral that is comprised of infinite colors spiraling together in perfect synchronicity. Each spiraling color also encompasses an infinite number of variations of the primary color as well as infinite tones of sound and vibrations of expression within that color scheme. The range of colors represents the past, present and future of all creative potential and manifested reality within the Human experience. That is the nature of Grace.

In contrast, from a third-dimensional perspective you perceive your experience as linear and you use the image of a timeline to represent the past, present and future. The aspects of your experience that you choose to focus on at any given time determine your perception of who you believe yourself to be in that moment. You do this because your mind cannot consciously interact with all aspects of how you are able to express yourself simultaneously.

As an alternative you mentally focus, even obsess, on particular aspects of your experience as a means of understanding who you are. Essentially what you experience as your perception of reality is determined by which frequency you are focusing on within the continual spiraling energy of experience at any given moment.
As you move into Grace, who you are becomes irrelevant
As you move more fully into Grace, conceptualizing who you are becomes irrelevant because you are expressing who you are at all times. Discovering who you are and moving towards that version of yourself is no longer the point once you begin to experience a perpetual state of Grace. Living in Grace is being true to who you are and moving forward from a perspective of yourself as healthy, happy and whole which inevitably leads to an entirely different conceptual construct of reality.
You actually do this already, it is just that from a third-dimensional perspective you do it very slowly which allows for the experience of Karma. Karma is simply a linear experience of potential creation and manifested reality over time and often involving a series of lifetimes. What is happening now is that the energy available to you in Human form has sped up to such a degree that you are able to experience time very quickly. As a result, what in the past would have occurred taken place over a number of years or months now happens in only a matter of moments.
The energy of Grace moves very quickly
The energy of Grace moves very quickly and you are already noticing how much more rapidly things are happening in your experience. It used to be that information was reflected back to you over time and now it is being reflected back to you almost immediately. By the time that you become aware of something, you are either in the midst of the experience or it is already in your past. As you have been exploring the basic components of being in the present moment, taking responsibility for your emotions and reclaiming your power you have been creating your personal pathways to Grace.
Each of these concepts is essential to working within the concept of Grace; however they are just the fundamental building blocks. Many of you might have believed that transcending the third-dimensional perspective was the goal. However understanding the nature of Grace is merely a starting point for conscious creation of reality while in Human form.  
When you first experience the energy of Grace, it is often uncomfortable and depending on how resistant you are, can be downright painful. This happens because when you are operating within a state of Grace there can be no incongruence between who you believe yourself to be and how you express who you are. You cannot believe yourself to be one way and make choices in your life that support anything other than that which is alignment with your beliefs without powerful repercussions.
As you initially begin to experience the energy of Grace, situations tend to develop very quickly when your choices and actions are not fully in alignment with the highest expression of who you are. Relationships fall apart. Situations blow up. Opportunities disappear. Although you have cleared many belief systems that no longer serve you, there are still a few areas that need to be tweaked and those are what are unmistakably showing up in your lives at this time.
Begin to recognize the dynamic nature of Grace
Inconsistencies become glaringly obvious when you begin to recognize the dynamic nature of Grace in contrast to the static illusion of third-dimensional experience. You can’t have one foot in Grace and one foot in a third-dimensional linear experience of reality because the discrepancy is unbearable. Circumstances in your life that feel like they are in crisis right now seem that way because it is necessary that you come into alignment with who you desire yourself to be in those areas of your life.
When you are operating within Grace, you have no idea what is going to happen next. It is your desire to know what is going to happen that is causing your resistance to fully moving into Grace. From a linear third-dimensional perspective you can often envision what might happen ahead of time or have an idea of how things are likely to play out. In the past you have been able to see what was coming, but now when things happen they are often entirely different from what you were expecting. It no longer works to make a correlation between your expectations and what actually happens as a determination of equilibrium.   
When you create reality from a third-dimensional perspective and circumstances play out differently that you expected them to, you assume that what has occurred must be better than your expectations and you look for signs that what has happened is in your best interest. Now what occurs is not necessarily better, it is just plain different and often vastly so. This really throws a monkey wrench into your interpretation of events and as a result your confidence in your ability to accurately understand what is happening is called into question.
Resist the urge to qualify what happens
Resist the urge to qualify what happens. Accept that it is what it is. If you can let go of any evaluation about whether what happens is better or worse than what you expected to happen, it becomes easier to release any attachment to your unmet expectations. As you make the transition from linear experience to graceful experience, the key concepts become allowance and surrender rather than resistance and control.
Anytime that you move out of equilibrium in response to external circumstances you will begin to feel panicky and out of control. The fact of the matter is that you are not in control of any of your experience and you never have been. Although it is true that you create your own reality, you have confused creation with control.
There are much bigger plans and cycles in play that you are part of and aspects of yourself beyond your Human mental perspective have a handle on that for you. It is only from your current mental understanding of what you perceive is happening in your life that existing circumstance do not seem to make sense. You have to surrender the illusion of who you believe yourself to be to recognize the truth of who you are. 
In other words, you have to surrender your belief that you are a limited Human and acknowledge that you have become Divinely Human. It is time to recognize that who you are now is who you imagine that you are evolving into at some future point in time; and this is only possible from the perspective of Grace.
The experience itself becomes all-encompassing
When you begin living as an expression of your highest potential, the circumstances of your life come into equilibrium with who you are. When this happens you will not even notice. You will lose all interest in looking for external validation because the experience itself becomes all-encompassing. Each moment of your experience determines the whole. If you are questioning your choices and actions (the pieces) then you are not able to experience equilibrium with who you are (the whole).
If you are questioning whether you are experiencing Grace, then you aren’t. You will only recognize when you move out of Grace. It can be compared to when you fall asleep and you only become aware that you fell asleep when you wake up. When you recognize that you have moved out of Grace, use the 3 Breath Alignment exercise (link in navigation list) and you will move back into Grace immediately.
You are meant to be living your life with complete trust in yourself and you must have faith in your ability to navigate each moment gracefully. To do this you must be willing to surrender control from a limited mental perspective and reclaim your true creative potential. It is essential that you are able to surrender to all aspects of yourself. You may have faith in your higher self, or your inner guidance or your angels but you don’t yet trust the Human part of who you are and you cannot fully experience the energy of Grace until you do.
Moving into the energy of Grace is inevitable when you begin to engage with your reality from an increased level of light and love. The vibration of the full spectrum of light as it is expressed through color and sound spiraling through every aspect of the universe is the true nature of Grace and it is available to you at all times. It is only through Grace that you become conscious of the potential and the manifestation of your reality simultaneously. Essentially Grace is the natural next step in the Ascension process and as you begin to engage with the spiraling nature of Grace you will be able to permanently move beyond a linear experience of reality.