Harmonic Concordance Crop Circle


 Manifesting Heaven on Earth

Now that you have collectively moved through the Harmonic Concordance portal, the most important thing for you to understand about the energetic vibration of the Harmonic Concordance itself is that it came into existence as a result of the choices that each and every one of you has been making in the last two years; primarily in the six months prior to November 8th, 2003. You have given form to the doorway, the very portal, that you are calling the Harmonic Concordance.

The possibility for the manifestation of the Harmonic Concordance portal at some point in the future came into being at the time of the Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987 and was manifest as a result of the choices made individually and collectively in regard to what will happen in the year 2012. Consider the possibility that 2012 is no longer a future event. It would even be more accurate to say that 2012 is already in the past, but perhaps the most useful way to think about it is as if it is happening right now.   

You are not going through ascension. You have done it. You are there. You have not realized it yet and many of you are in a state of shock. But you are doing fine and we will help you begin to understand what has happened. Your bodies have changed from carbon based forms into crystalline based forms.

Think about those beautiful quartz crystals that many of you are drawn to and have in your homes and imagine that each bone in your body is now comprised of that same crystalline energy. This is indeed what has happened. Now think about how energy might move differently through crystal than it would move through bone. Think about how energy might be stored differently in crystal than it would be in bone. This is what your entire skeletal system has become.

The Harmonic Concordance is a portal of energy that assists your consciousness in recognizing the new form that you have evolved into. Each celestial body involved in creating the Harmonic Concordance portal had to move out of its normal orbit to come into this configuration. This does not happen randomly. There had to be conscious intention for this to happen. Do you know where that consciousness came from? It came from you!

You are the creators of the Harmonic Concordance! You decided to create a portal that you could move through and remember who you are. The configuration of the Harmonic Concordance is literally a key into infinity which can also be perceived as a doorway into conscious ascension. This is the time for you to be aware of the consciousness that you can possess in physicality as Divine Masters walking on earth at this time.

The amount of information that has been downloaded into your energy field is phenomenal. If you could quantify the rate at which information that is currently being downloaded into your energy fields compared to a year ago would be 10,000 times more information at this time and continues to increase exponentially.

Think about what would happen to a computer if you increased the amount of information being downloaded to that degree. You would have to change the programming on the computer so that it could process all the new information. This is what is happening to you. You are literally being reprogrammed. You may think that you are having a hard time and not handling it well, but the fact that you are functioning as well as you are third-dimensionally is quite impressive!

Each of you must take personal responsibility for the manifestation of the Harmonic Concordance portal and what happens next. As the Divine Masters that you are, you can no longer operate under the illusion that events are beyond your control. This is all your creation.

You understand this on a personal level. All of you have begun to take responsibility for the creation of your individual reality. What is required of you now is to begin to clearly articulate within your own consciousness what it means to be a Divine Master in physical form on earth at this time.  

The challenge is that you have always imagined that when you reached this point that you would be making a lot of money, that you would be at your ideal weight, that you would have no stress in your life, that you would be in the perfect relationship and so on. And so you are pretty sure that since most of those things are not in place, that it is not even possible to think about being a Divine Master. You must recognize that as a Divine Master in human form that all of these qualities of imperfection exist simultaneously with your divinity.

You have always imagined that your perceived ideal ways of being would displace the imperfections. But it doesnít work that way. Do you realize that the cracks and the fissures in a quartz crystal are where the multidimensional gifts are? That it is in those places that infinity exists? Your imperfections are the cracks in the crystalline energy that you have become. Your imperfections are what make you the Divine Master in the form that you are currently manifesting. Your imperfections are the very aspects of yourself that allow you to masquerade as human.  

You are infiltrating the planet as covert operatives for the light and if you were perfect you wouldnít fit in. Your imperfections make you look human. Good job! The problem arises when you strive to be something beyond who you are in this moment and define yourselves solely in terms of your imperfections. What if, just for the next week, you behave as if you are the Divine Master that you have been striving to become within your imperfect life? What would happen?

We donít know because no one has ever done this before! You are doing it for the first time! That is what the energy of the Harmonic Concordance makes possible. Conscious ascension is not about leaving your body to go somewhere else; it is about bringing that divine wisdom and consciousness into your imperfect body.

Letís think of another word for imperfect. How about your unique geometrical configurations that allow you to appear to be human? All of your imperfections elicit reactions in other people and they create opportunities to engage with them on a daily basis. Your geometric configurations of uniqueness allow you to more fully engage in the world.

Each of you has had many lifetimes during which you served as priests and priestesses in places like Egypt and Atlantis. You have all had lifetimes upon lifetimes during which you lived in seclusion on a mountaintop in places like Tibet and India. What you havenít done is to live among the masses and be accepted as one of them while retaining this high vibration. This is what you are doing now.

All of you have moved through Ascension before and in those times the light and love vibration held within your physical manifestation increased to such a degree that your physical form disintegrated and you moved out of form. You are currently moving again through the ascension process but you are doing it differently this time. You desire to increase the light and love vibration within your human form while remaining in physicality. It wasnít known if this could be done, because it has never been done before. But you are doing it and it is very exciting!

For the infiltration of the light to be successful, you canít be viewed as someone who should be living on a mountain somewhere. You have to be considered someone whose neighbors can come and knock on your door to borrow an egg to make cookies. Do not let the fact that you are in human form, and doing such a good job of it, convince you that you are not also a Divine Master. These two possibilities are not mutually exclusive. It is all part of who you are. You are not going anywhere. This is it. You are heaven on earth. Notice that we are not saying that this is heaven on earth. Each of you contains within you the template of heaven on earth.

We will give you a visualization to assist you in recognizing who you have become. To begin, close your eyes and imagine the Star of David pattern as represented by the astrological configuration of the Harmonic Concordance moment move into your third eye. Take a minute now to feel its potency. Feel its power. Now allow it to begin to spin, slowly at first, and then faster and faster. See it extend out into infinity in all directions. Now allow it to move into your heart while simultaneously remaining in your third eye. Feel your pineal and pituitary portals automatically open and expand. Breathe deeply and feel yourself become energized and full of love. Feel the love holographically spiraling out from the spinning Stars of David that exist within you out into infinity. As you open your eyes, feel the energy continue to spiral into the universe and recognize yourself as the perpetual expression of love that you are.

The Harmonic Concordance portal is merely a new template of possibility that has been encoded within you all along and that originates from your hearts. Know without a doubt that you possess the grace, the strength, the knowledge and the spiritual connection and to move fully into you new role as Divine Ascended Master on earth. We are in awe of each and every one of you brave souls as you go through this transition. It is amazing for us to watch and we hold you in the highest esteem. Know that you are honored and loved beyond measure.