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Hunab Ku is the Heart of All Beings and each of us is connected to this energy through our hearts. It is through this resonant circuit that the center of the galaxy transmits all evolutionary programs and memory patterns to each respective star system. 

The Sun, in turn, focuses these vibrations down even further into the various planetary bodies within the solar system.  It is essential to remember that in the Mayan perspective, everything travels in both directions simultaneously. This is known as the Zuvuya principal. 

The Zuvuya represents the Universal memory circuit which extends from and returns to the Source of Infinity, thus connecting everything back to its Self.    


13/7/96 Overton, Wiltshire, UK   Photo: Lucy Pringle      



The Maya understood that there were many star systems within the galaxy and recognized the sun as the central source of energy and life within a solar system. Similarly they understood that the planetary being is the source of life within the terrestrial environment. 

In this way they recognized that each respective being is linked back to the source of the next highest dimension, or next respective larger frame of reference. 

This idea can be understood through the Mayan concept of Kuxan Suum, literally “the Road to the Sky Leading to the Umbilical Chord of the Universe.”  This umbilical cord is a resonant pathway which connects you, the individual, through the center of the planet, through the heart of the sun, to the galactic core, and ultimately to the Hunab Ku.