Spend a magical week in western Ireland visiting the scenic and historic Ring of Kerry and other mystical places. Western Ireland is know for it's picturesque misty mountains, medieval ruins, glacial lakes known as loughs in Ireland, coastal peninsulas and blustery beaches.



We will visit ancient sites of power as well as yet undiscovered portals that have opened since 2012. Our group will be escorted by locals who will grant us access to private land and be shown hidden places that are not in any guide book.


Each day our group will be joined by a local person from the area with personal knowledge and insight into where we will be visiting that day. We will also host a dinner for the group and local community members for the opportunity to get to know some of the people who live in the area.







Guided by Archangel Michael we will visit sites that will offer us interdimensional insight to the past and future of humanity as well as our individual evolution and ascension. As a group we will make essences of the sites that we visit to take home with us and share with others.



Prior to the trip we will have series of conference calls to receive information from Archangel Michael and the Akashic Records in preparation for the energy of the experience.


The conference calls are open to anyone interested in learning more about the trip. Visit the Conference Calls page for the schedule and to register to participate or to request a recording of past calls.







The trip will be lead by Shaun Martinz and Michelle Nilson. Shaun guided a group on a Mayan Temple Tour to Mexico and Guatemala in 2005 and Michelle is currently living in Ireland.