Making Room for Miracles:

Is Your Will in the Way?



A miracle is an extraordinary event or occurrence that is essentially unexpected. Miracles are typically attributed to Divine intervention or perceived as superseding the laws of nature. Being open to miracles means that you are willing have an experience beyond what is currently known to you.


Your awareness of the presence of miracles is an indication that you are growing and evolving by incorporating new perspectives and experiences into your current version of reality. Without acknowledging the possibility of miracles and actively seeking indications that they are occurring, you cannot evolve from a third dimensional perspective of reality to a fifth dimensional experience.


To effectively evolve beyond the limitations and polarity of third dimensional reality into a fifth dimensional experience of abundance and unity consciousness, you must seek out opportunities to transcend your existing experiential perspective. Another way to conceptualize miracles is as previously unknown dimensional possibilities not defined by your primary dimensional perspective. It is not your reality that is changing; it is your interpretation of what you are able to conceptualize as possible that is being altered.


Miracles are simply events that occur beyond your normal expectations. According to the Group Reading from the Akashic Records on the topic of 2010: The Year of Transcendence, miracles are one of the themes for the year. You must begin to recognize that miracles occur on a regular basis to successfully integrate into a fifth dimensional perspective of reality. (See 2010: Year of Transcendence excerpt).


You are already in the fifth dimension

The goal at this time is not to move into the fifth dimension; you are already there. The current challenge is to recognize the fifth dimensional paradigm that is now available to you. In order to fully comprehend the shift that has occurred, you must make room in your life for miracles. It is a matter of stretching the capability of your consciousness to incorporate the unknown in ways that are non-threatening to your current perceptions of how your limitations serve you.


The miraculous part of the fifth dimensional experience is that much of what you perceive as reality are just the limitations that you are operating within. The reality that you believe that you are living in is constructed through your thoughts which are extensions of your belief systems. What occurs in your life is a direct result of what you sincerely believe or truly fear.


This does not mean that you can just decide that something is true and override the factors that are involved. Changing your perception of reality is not a mental activity; it is a contextual understanding of how specific beliefs serve you and questioning the motivations and goals that support those beliefs. When you rely on your Will to make things happen, you inevitably encounter your limitations from a third dimensional perspective. As a result and you feel disempowered and unsupported by the situations and people in you life as well as the universe itself.


When you continue to participate in situations that are obviously not working by doing more of what isnít being effective, you will most likely make a bad situation worse. If instead you question your motivations and goals in regard to the circumstances that are creating difficulty for you, you can begin to conceptualize alternative approaches. In most cases, the alternatives that occur to you will not be linear, but will more likely take you in new and different directions.


Your habits keep you locked into a third dimensional perspective

What your mind defines as logical is merely your habitual expectation of reality. It is your mindís job to keep your perceived reality in a state of equilibrium so that you can function in your world. In order to move the through the Ascension process without literally losing your mind, you must adjust to the dimensional differences gradually as you move from the illusionary solidity of third dimensional into the perpetually evolving potentiality of the fifth dimension.


If you were to attempt to make the mental adjustments too quickly, it would literally blow the synaptic circuitry in your mind because you could not mentally adapt to such abrupt changes in perception of reality. You still require the ground below your feet to remain solid for awhile yet as you make the adjustments on other levels.


Here is a good example of how the Human mind works. When reading, most people unconsciously tend to skip over small words such as that, or, if, a, be, and, do because what they are reading makes more sense when those words are present. Consequently, if you give someone something to read that does not include those words, more often than not the person reading will not even notice the missing words since they expect them to be there. His or her mind will unconsciously fill in the missing words because what they are reading makes more sense with those words included.


When you encounter an experience that does not initially make sense to you in a third dimensional logical way, your mind has to resolve the cognitive dissonance. It does this by scrambling to find a way to organize the new experience by qualifying it in terms of a known experience as quickly as possible; much like a cell phone searching for a signal.


In the event that your mind cannot find a relevant past experience to make sense of the new sensory input, it either disregards or changes your interpretation of the new experience to make sense. This happens hundreds of times every day. It is not necessarily a bad thing. It is how you are able to make sense of reality. Basically what is happening is that when circumstances change around and you are too busy to notice your mind will fill in the unknown with the known. As a result, you are not aware of the extraordinary occurrences that are happening all around you. You are missing the miracles!


Your experience will be exactly as you expect to be

When you fill every minute of every day with expectations and beliefs based on what happened yesterday and the day before that, your experience will be exactly as you expect to be. It is your habitual interaction with the world around you keeps you locked into a third dimensional perspective.


Think about it. If you get up at the same time, eat the same thing for breakfast, brush your teeth in the same order, make your bed from the same side, take the same route to work, sit in your chair at your office in the same way, etc. there is no room for miracles. To become open to the possibility of miracles you must create space in your life by getting out of your habits so you can become aware of the miracles that occur all around you.


If you continue to over-schedule every minute of every day and live your life constantly going from one activity, obligation and responsibility to the next, when could you possibility even notice if a miracle were to occur? Even when you arenít rushing from one moment to the next, you are distracted by worrying about what just happened or what might happen in the future. Your mind will nullify the experience without you even realizing it because miracles are not easily categorized.


You require conscious engagement with your reality to perceive the existence of miracles and when you are mentally exhausted you are not able to interact from a present moment perspective with your life experiences. Instead you engage with the world around you from a habitual state. As you begin to identify the myriad of ways in which you are habitual, you can choose to change your daily routines.


Doing things in the exact same way you will inevitably get you the same results. If you want changes to occur that affect the circumstances of the significant issues in your life, you have to be willing to make adjustments in the small ways first. Miracles become evident when you allow for the unexpected. Get out of your own way and your mind will follow.


You are overloading your mental circuitry

In an effort to compensate for the increasing energy pouring into the planet which is meant to catapult you out of third dimensional into fifth dimensional, you have chosen to go faster and faster within the third dimensional paradigm. Consequently, you are overloading your mental circuitry. The acceleration in energy is designed to activate the latent neural pathways in your brain to allow you to transcend the polarity consciousness of the third dimension and allow you to perceive and engage with the unity consciousness of the fifth dimension.


The key is to utilize the new circuitry available to you as a result of the incoming energy to engage with your reality both from your heart and your mind equally. This is far more effective in making the changes that you want to see in your life than relying on Will alone. The best use of your Will is as action in alignment with purpose. The support that shows up in the form of circumstances and people is nothing short of miraculous which will demonstrate to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that abundance is your birthright.

When you attempt to engage with the incoming fifth dimensional energy using a logical, mental, third dimensional interpretation you overwhelm your mental capacity to interpret your experience and you lose the ability to function effectively. This is beginning to happen for many of you. You cannot will your way into the fifth dimension, you must allow it to reveal itself to you; and you must create room in your awareness to notice.


Refer to the list below to identify the ways in which you are overloading your mental circuitry.  Choose the statements that are true for you most of the time.




■     I am unable to complete everything in a day that I plan to.

■     I feel tired.

■     I am often late and/or need to cancel or re-schedule.

■     I do not eat regularly or in a healthy manner.

■     I feel anxious and/or experience moments of panic.

■     I do not drink enough water on a daily basis.

■     I am unorganized.

■     I put others needs ahead of my own.

■     I feel overwhelmed

■     I do not participate in physical exercise that I enjoy.

■     I get sick easily and/or take a long time to recover.

■     I feel hopeless.

■     I have much less energy than I used to have.

■     I do not take quiet time for myself on a daily basis.

■     I experience extreme mood-swings.

■     I feel unsupported.

■     I do not remember how to have fun.

■     My house/desk/closets/garage etc. are disorganized.

■     I engage in high levels of personal drama with others.

■     I do not make time to experience intimacy with my partner.


The statements that are true for you on this list are indications of where in your life you are attempting to integrate the accelerating energy available to you from a third dimensional survival mode rather than a fifth dimensional abundance perspective. When you are living your life in this manner you are not able to create and experience abundance in your life (See Absolute Abundance article).


The influx of energy is going to continue to accelerate exponentially at each solstice and equinox as 2012 draws closer. If you are feeling overwhelmed and out of control now, it is only going to get more intense.   


Your brain is wired to interpret the new energy available to you

Your brain is wired to interpret the new energy available to you as you go through the Ascension process while remaining in physical form. However, when you attempt to make sense of what is occurring solely from a third dimensional mental perspective, in essence what you are doing is allowing your fear of the unknown to override miraculous possibilities in your perception of reality. 


For example if you have fallen behind financially, your first response will most likely be that you must spend less and/or work more hours, but if your budget has already been cut to the bare bones and there are no more hours in the day to work, what are your other options? Effective alternatives will only become evident to you when you are willing to modify or eliminate the reason for doing what you have been doing (motivation) or revise the end result that you hope to achieve (goal).


In order to allow for the possibility of a different approach to resolve your lack of sufficient financial resources, consider asking yourself some questions about the situation by taking into account your motivations and goals. Get in the habit of considering at least three possibilities for all situations as a good exercise in moving beyond polarity. Thinking in terms of either/or makes it challenging to transcend the habitual third dimensional polarity perspective.


As an example, three questions regarding the above financial issue might be:


  1. Is what you are working so hard to pay for worth the time spent working to pay for it? (motivation)


  1. Is the work that you are doing worth the time that you are spending doing it or is there other work that would meet that need more effectively? (goal)


  1. Is the work that you are doing meaningful to you? If not, what is the cost of doing meaningless work for you mentally, emotionally, and physically and how is that affecting the overall quality of your life?  (motivation and goal)



A full understanding of the fifth dimension will emerge through the details

All aspects of the Human experience are made up of smaller components. For example Humanity is comprised of billions of people, a beach is made up of innumerable grains of sand, and your bodies contain an infinite number of cells. All large systems are comprised of smaller elements. The recognition of this is important to begin to understand the vast nature of the expansive fifth dimensional perspective. It is through acknowledging the importance of the details that a full understanding of the fifth dimension will emerge.


This is a significant shift in the way in which you have been engaging with the reality around you. When you were trying to bounce your consciousness out of the third dimension, you did not want to get attached to the details. However, now that you are primarily engaging with your reality from a fifth dimensional perspective, it is imperative that you focus on the specifics.


As an example, there is a scene in the first Matrix movie when the character of Neo sees a black cat move in the exact same way twice in a row. When he mentions what he has observed to the other characters, he is surprised at their reactions of panic. The other characters are more familiar with the matrix than Neo is and they recognize the small glitch as an indication that something has been changed in the overall programming of matrix. They also know that what has changed will affect them in ways unrelated to the movements of the cat.


Similar to this example, as you familiarize yourself with the fifth dimension in the early stages, it will be the small things that indicate to you the magnitude of the dimensional differences. For example, you lose something and it shows up a day or two later in the exact place you had looked several times already. Or you walk into a room and something is out of place that you donít remember moving. There are indications all of the time and it is you letting yourself notice that things are changing.


Reality is not static. For example, you expect your bedroom to look exactly the same when you wake up as it did when you go to bed. What you donít realize is the reason that it looks that way is because you are reconstructing it the moment before you are observing it. You literally are creating your reality microsecond by microsecond.


In order to evolve more fully into a fifth dimensional experience of abundance and unity consciousness, it is essential that you make time to notice what is changing around you and to observe the glitches in your personal matrix. Each of you has indications that changes are occurring which you cannot fail to notice once you become more observant. Your ascension process is being perfectly orchestrated by you and it is only a matter of time before you begin to consider miracles as normal occurrences; how much time is entirely up to you.