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As we begin to more fully integrate the energies of the fifth dimension into our current version of reality, we can incorporate the wisdom of the ancient Mayans held within our cellular structure to help us assimilate and transform our understanding of the universe that is changing around and through us.


When we tap into our collective and individual Mayan connections we will remember how to create a reality beyond the illusion of the third dimension and begin to incorporate multidimensional Mayan Concepts into our consciousness.


The Mayan Temple Activations harmonically align us with the energy of 2012. The ancient Mayan Temples were specifically built as harmonic structures and encoded to assist humans in aligning our energy fields to specific tones and frequencies that move consciousness beyond the illusion of time and space.



According to Carl Calleman


"It is time to throw out all ideas that the Mayan calendar is about waiting for something to happen in the year 2012. The true Mayan calendar is about a process that we moment by moment may be part of if we so choose and if a sufficiently strong positive desire for experiencing Oneness can be brought forth. 


For this I encourage an intentional explorative and dynamic process where only the dates are offered only as synchronizing signposts. What we do and who we are during these times are the features of our collective awakening that ushers in the energies that the Mayan calendar describes.


The Mayan calendar describes the alternating energies of the cosmos that transform consciousness and create the world. What we need to do is to learn how to flow with these energies that shape our future and help bring the path towards Oneness to the rest of the world."



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