Remember Who You Are:

Meditations from the Akashic Records


Twelve meditations from the book

Remember Who You Are: Insights from the Akashic Records

are now available as mp3 recordings.

Doing the meditations gives you the opportunity to engage more deeply with the new perspectives presented throughout the book and facilitate quantum leaps in your understanding.


During the Past Life meditations you are guided to recall three past lives. For each lifetime you receive a symbolic representation and a gift as well as an understanding of your purpose during that incarnation.
You can listen to the Past Lives meditations as many times as desired to gain insight into your past lives. It is an invaluable tool to discovering who you have been so that you can more clearly determine how your cellular memory affects your current life and the future that you desire to create.


Meditations Include:


Guided Relaxation Exercise

Making a Decision

Paths of Possibility

Floating in Space

Plants & Animals

Wrestling Judgment 

Releasing Density   


Halls of Records

Past Life Meditation #1

Past Life Meditation #2

Past Life Meditation #3


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