Since childhood, Michelle has pursued her own unique spiritual path and intuitive guidance. She has always felt a sense of higher purpose in life and has studied many facets of spirituality. On her quest for spiritual knowledge and understanding, she has had many guides, mentors, and Native American Elders "show up" on her path. They have all assisted her in remembering and using her own unique spiritual gifts. 


In the past 20 years, Michelle has facilitated spiritual discussion groups, volunteered and assisted at spiritual conferences, and has performed and participated in numerous spiritually significant ceremonies. She has traveled to many sacred sites in the U.S., Canada, and Ireland to access the Divine Knowledge that is stored in all these locations.


Over the years, Michelle has also studied many alternative healing modalities. These include herbalism, essential oils, flower essences, reiki, biodynamic cranial sacral work, and crystal bowl healing techniques. Energy, frequency, and sacred geometry have also been fascinating subjects for Michelle and she strongly feels that she is a frequency holder for the New Earth paradigm. She envisions and anchors this energy with the assistance of the ascended masters, angels, star beings, and the elemental kingdom. 


She is also an intuitive and psychic medium, using inner vision, tarot/divination/angel cards to assist friends, family, and clients with answering life's questions. She uses compassion, love, and divine guidance in her readings or intuitive consultations with others. 


Michelle currently holds dual citizenship in Ireland and the U.S. and divides her time in both countries. 


For more information on the intuitive readings that Michelle performs, you may visit her Facebook page at Soul Essence Insights by Michelle Nilson.