Remember Who You Are:

Insights from the Akashic Records



Imagine the vastness of the magical and mysterious Akashic Records and then envision them being demystified in a format that would provide a fundamental understanding of what the Akashic Records are; offer suggestions on how to use the Akashic Records to assist the integration of soul purpose into the conscious creation of reality and present several simple techniques to be used to enter the Akashic Records at any time

With the overall objective being to encourage readers to recognize their inherent divinity and to claim ownership for the reality that they are creating, this book offers guidance into the Akashic Records directly from the Records themselves. 

The book is based on 7 group Akashic Record readings. Each chapter of the book focuses on a specific session and discusses each topic based on information from the Records in a question/answer format. Also included in each chapter is a guided meditation given by the Records during that session (available on CD).

The final chapter offers guidance, suggestions and techniques to assist and support readers in accessing their own personal Akashic Records based on the Learn to Read The Akashic Records Fundamental Workshop. 

The Akashic Records often offer unique perspectives on what might at first appear to be familiar topics. For example, when discussing Ascension, the emphasis is placed on increasing the light and vibration within our third-dimensional physical bodies in order to create heaven on earth rather than focusing on moving beyond the physical plane.

The Records also gently dismantle many current metaphysical understandings and offer deeper possibilities such as the idea of karma being a choice. Through the Records, we are encouraged to celebrate our humanness and to remember that the experience of being in human form is a unique and precious opportunity. 


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