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Integrate your soul purpose into the conscious creation of your reality.


Personal readings from the Akashic Records offer guidance to address and resolve current challenges and issues in your life in accordance with your highest divine expression on earth at this time as recorded in your original blueprint. 


         All Personal Akashic Record Readings are conducted by phone and scheduled according to Mountain Time.


         The fee for a Personal Reading is $120 for a one hour session. 30 minute sessions ($60) and 90 minute sessions ($180) are also available.


        Personal Readings are recorded during the call and available as an MP3 download directly to your computer within 24 hours after your Reading.


         Read about how to prepare for and what to expect from a Personal Akashic Record reading.


         Personal Reading appointments are confirmed with payment and the fee for the session is due at the time that the appointment is scheduled.


        Cut and paste a copy of the contract  into an email. Electronically sign it by typing your name on the signature line and email  it to Akashic Insights.



To schedule a Personal Reading

email your request to Akashic Insights

or call 888.662.1422


Online payments

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