The Power of Your Heart


As you begin to live your life as the Master that you have become it is imperative that you understand the true nature of power and recognize that how you choose to express your power generates greater and much quicker consequences for yourself and others than it has in the past.


This is meant to be a good thing. Although you no longer have the luxury of a 3D time lag, it has been replaced by the all-encompassing present moment of the now that is possible in 5D. This means that when your expressions of power are in alignment with your Mastery that you are able to do much more than you ever imagined possible. Although great responsibility comes with being a Master so does the power that you require to manifest your vision.


As you are being called into service, you are also being asked to bring into balance your personal power dynamics. Do not imagine for a moment that what you do, the choices that you make and the life you live do not affect the planet and do not affect Humanity, because they do. It is also important to note that the areas in your life in which your personal power is out of balance are in correlation to the ways in which you are going to facilitate other people coming into their power over time as you move further into your Mastery.


You are resisting who you are meant to be

Any areas in which you are uncomfortable in your life right now in relation to power are because you are resisting who you are meant to be and what you are truly capable of accomplishing. In essence, you are resisting your heart because that is where your true power resides.


In fact, we want to interchange the word power with heart because in order for you to be in alignment with who you are you must come from your heart. When you come from your heart, expressions of power become expressions of love and love is the most powerful force there is. We are using the word love as a verb rather than a noun. Love is active and choosing love is an action. Because it is not possible to experience love and fear at the same time, when you choose to interact with others as the love that you are in any given moment, fear cannot exist.


It is not only possible to live a life without fear, it is imperative in the days to come. Throughout 2010 you will experience a rapid acceleration into the energy of 2012 and it is this accelerated energy that will allow you to experience the transcendence that is now possible. However, this also means that catastrophic events are going occur in rapid succession and you must avoid reacting to what occurs from a place of panic and fear.


When a traumatic event occurs, it triggers your cellular memory of the many times in Human history during which your disconnection from each other and the natural world threatened to destroy you and calls to your attention that it is occurring even now.


You must remain connected to each other

Humanity as a whole cannot exist on the planet unless you remain connected to each other and it is only when people disconnect from each other on a heart level that anyone is able to live in conditions of imbalance, inequality and inhumanity. Atlantis is one such time in history and the recent events in Haiti are meant to remind you that this is also occurring in your present time.


It is essential that you recognize that while you do not have control over the events that will occur as they are collectively chosen by those whom are affected, you do have the choice of how you respond to the event and that is the time to choose love. Choosing love does not mean praying for those who are affected, in essence you are praying that the choice that they have made be changed and that is not up to you.


What you must do instead is to create new templates of how humans can live together in the world beginning with the choices that you make in your personal life and in the community in which you currently reside. What we are saying is that anytime that you bring into balance the power dynamics between yourself and others, that action creates new templates of possibility and forever changes the power grids for the planet.


Let go of the judgment and release the fear

In order to fully live from your heart, you must first acknowledge the ways in which your heart has been broken. This can include, but is not limited to, romantic disappointment. Give some thought to the many ways in which your actions or the actions of others came from a heartless place and let those experiences be in the past. Let go of the judgment and release the fear of it happening again and choose to move forward into a heart-centered future. Trust yourself to make different choices this time.


If you donít release yourself from the past you will be unable to re-connect to yourself and to others in the manner which is required to access the innate power that resides within you. It is not a matter of forgiveness for yourself or anyone else; it is simply that your attachment to those memories is interfering with your ability to live from your heart in the present. Once you make the distinction that that was then and this is now, you are more able to open your heart again.


How you live your life and the choices that you make in alignment with what you believe is possible affects everything and you will only be effective in making the changes that you want to see in the world if you are able to find balance for yourself first. Conversely, when you are not living from your heart and engaging with others from a place of true power, the resulting disempowering choices perpetuate and reinforce the already existing inequities in the power grids.


Abundance is equal to love

The degree to which you are experiencing abundance in your life is directly correlated to the extent to which you are living from your heart. Abundance is equal to love and money follows abundance. Although you would like to believe that soon you are not going to need money, the fact is that money will remain as an energetic exchange for many years to come. This means that you are going to have to figure out how to generate the money that you require to manifest your vision and the most effective way to make money is to follow your heart and take action from love.


Being in your heart is a minute by minute choice. Although you understand the larger concept, you do not fully realize that the experience of it is in the many small choices that you make each day. The reality is that you are extremely tired; you are stressed out; you have too much to do; you donít have enough money and you are over-committed.


It is no wonder that you have difficulty staying in the present moment. The moments that you continue to create are extremely uncomfortable for you. When you choose to live like that it is impossible to be in your heart and by extension connected to others in any meaningful way.



We will now give you a visualization to remind you

how to connect to the energy of your heart:


Imagine yourself as a lotus flower gently floating on a quiet pond and gracefully opening its petals to the sun. Each petal represents the different ways in which you open your heart to the people and opportunities in your life. The sun represents the energy within the universe that is available to you and each petal vibrates as an expression of the love that you are, as your petals draw increasing energy from the sun the flower that you are opens even wider. 


Focus your awareness on the pond and notice that as you as the lotus flower are gently floating on the pond you are aware that the pond extends as far as you can see in any direction. The pond represents the planet and the water in the pond is what connects you to other people, and each of them is also represented as a lotus flower.


Notice that while the lotus flower that you are is gently floating on the surface of the pond, it is also securely connected by a long flowing stem to the mud beneath the pond. It is the mud that provides the lotus flower that you are with the nutrients that are required to translate the energy of the sun into the growth that you are capable of. The mud represents the energy of your heart and you are aware that you cannot exist without that ongoing support.


Feel the energy of your heart as it continuously flows up the stem into the petals of the lotus flower that you are. It does not hesitate, it does not waver. It is your lifeblood and it is literally what allows you to flourish. The very particles that make up your lotus flower form come to you in this way and you do not doubt that it will remain so as long as you need it to. Feel the gratitude that comes with that awareness.


Take a deep breath and return your attention to your physical human body and know that you are as that lotus flower and all that you require to be in the world in the way you know is possible comes from your heart without hesitation and without wavering. Make a commitment in this moment to begin nurturing the very essence that you are and remember that all that you require to be in the world in the way you are meant to be emanates from your heart.



The world has changed

The world has changed, humanity has changed and you have changed. After all of this time, you are finally ready to be in your hearts again. It has not been this way since the days of Lemuria. So donít isolate yourself, become part of the community that you live in or find a community where you can become involved.


Ask yourself what you have to contribute on a community level and begin to participate in the change that you want to see in the world. Your contribution may be small initially, in fact it is going to be small and that is okay because it simply makes it easier to begin. Why not start now?