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As many of us are beginning to reconnect with our spiritual families, having a Private Group Reading can be a wonderful resource to learn more about what we can collectively accomplish.


Spiritual groups take many forms including businesses, organizations, support groups, friends, families and communities.


Information from a Private Group Reading can give us insight into:

  • Why we have come together at this particular time

  • What our roles are collectively and individually

  • How to be most supportive of each other

  • Past life connections among group members

  • How best to integrate the group energy into physicality

  • How we as a group can be of service to humanity




Private group readings can be done in person or as a Conference Call with participation from anywhere in the world.


The cost for private group readings is $150 USD for up to 10 people and $15 per person for groups larger than 10.


The reading will be an hour long and you as a group can choose the topic that you would like to focus on for the session.


A CD recording will be made of the Private Group Reading and mailed to a designated member of the group after the session.



Email Akashic Insights to schedule a Private Group Reading.


Scheduled Private Group Reading appointments are confirmed with payment. Payment can be made with a credit card by phone at the time the appointment is scheduled or online using the link below.

Private group reading  $150