Introduction to the Akashic Records


The Akasha is best conceptualized with an understanding of how it interrelates with other aspects of creation. In essence, the Akasha is the fundamental energy at the very core of creation. All that is created emanates from and returns to the energy of the Akasha.


A recording of the entire human experience on a collective level is held within the Akasha and information about any issue involving or affecting humans can be accessed through the Akashic Records. There is a recording within the Akasha for virtually all creation including every person, place and event.


The Akashic Records exist within the Hall of Records and relate solely to the human experience. The Hall of Records is a multidimensional portal into multitudes of realities in which Records of other lineages of Beings that are not human also exist.


It is possible to access information pertaining to other lineages and places other than Earth through the Akashic Records because it is recorded within the Akasha anytime there is interaction with other Beings or interaction in other places involving humans. If a creation interfaces with human experience at any point on the time-space continuum, it is recorded within the Akasha.


The Akashic Records have been in existence since the beginning of this time-space experience and have been referred to in every ancient spiritual teaching throughout history. The Akashic Records have been known as the Cosmic Mind, the Universal Mind, the Collective Consciousness and the Universal Records. In the Bible they are called "The Book of Life".


Held within the Akasha are the individual records of each soul from the time it leaves its point of origin until its return. At the time a soul makes the decision to experience life as an independent entity, there is a field of energy generated by that experience; and that field of energy is recorded.


Every thought, word, emotion and action generated by each soulís experience is recorded within the Akasha. Knowledge on an individual level regarding who each person is and who he or she is meant to be is also recorded within the Akasha, and accessing the information from the Akashic Records allows each person to integrate his or her soul purpose into the conscious creation of the individualís reality.


Anytime a person participates in any form of creation, it is recorded in his or her personal Akashic Records as well as in a collective recording of the experience. When questions are asked in group readings, all information that is recorded in the Akasha about that topic from the past, present or future held within the collective recordings is used to answer the question.


It is possible to ask questions about the future and about the past because the energy of the Akasha exists beyond time-space where everything occurs in the same moment. In many cases, what is asked about as a future possibility has already taken place; and as such, the information about that experience is recorded in the Akasha, just as are recordings of those experiences perceived as occurring in the past.


Sometimes possibilities and potentials of a particular experience have not yet occurred because a decision or choice on an individual or collective level has not yet been made. In those situations, information from the Akashic Records can assist in making the pending decisions and choices.


Information is acquired from the Akasha through the asking of questions. While in the Akashic Records, all knowledge stored there is not immediately available; rather, access to specific information is only granted in response to a question asked. The asking of a question indicates a readiness of an individual to integrate the information that comes forth.


You already possess the answers to all of the questions that you have, but much of the information is multidimensional and as such is not easily understood by your third dimensional mind. With the asking of questions, you are able to cognitively articulate what it is you seek in such a way that you can receive the answer through your logical understanding. As a result, you are able to more easily integrate the information into your daily life in a useful and relevant manner.


Through the questions asked in group sessions, each chapter of this book will offer an aspect of reality from a broader perspective than you may currently perceive it. You will have the opportunity to consider new possibilities through your mind as you read the answers offered by the Akashic Records to questions that will sound familiar as well as to others that may not have yet occurred to you.


Each chapter also offers a guided meditation that gives you the opportunity to engage more deeply with the new perspectives presented. The meditations offer a way for the information to be assimilated without having to go through your third-dimensional mind.


The concepts presented are based on the idea that you are more than your third- dimensional experience, and your mind will become overwhelmed because it has been in the habit of operating third-dimensionally. Doing the meditations will allow you to make quantum leaps in your understanding because you will be allowing the information to bypass your mind and to directly integrate into your creation of reality.


The purpose of this book is to assist you in assimilating the vastness of who you are by expanding your conscious awareness and incorporating a recognition of the perfection in all the you have created. From that place of non-judgment, you will be better able to utilize the information offered as you delve into the Akashic Records.


As you remove the obstacles that inhibit your ability to interpret and understand information held within the Akasha, you will be able to consciously access the Akashic Records at any time. Using the information from the Akasha will allow you to create a new reality that encompasses the past and the future, as well as an understanding of the inter- connectedness of all consciousness participating in your creation of reality.


Many of the topics presented in this book are done so through comparison to something else. For example, karma and free will, collective consciousness and individual reality, and the third-dimensional human body and the fifth-dimensional etheric body are all discussed in comparison to each other.


The reason for the comparisons is that because polarity is an essential element of third-dimensional reality, explanations using comparison and contrast are an effective way to assist the mind in assimilating the concepts. In some cases, describing what something "isnít" gives us a greater understanding of something than what it "is", much like negative space can define the outline of an object.


The reason that you do not have conscious access to all of the information held within the Akasha at any given moment is that because if you did, you would be unable to operate under the illusion of separation, and as such, would not be able to participate in the third-dimensional reality. Essentially, you have set it up so that you will reveal all that you are to whom you imagine yourself to be in the present moment in bits in pieces so that you can more fully enjoy the unveiling of yourself.


Within these pages lies reassurance for your mind that this is, indeed, the time that you have been longing for. As you read the words in this book, your DNA will be activated; and you will bring the hidden wisdom held within your cellular memory out of the archives and into this present moment.


It is time to remember how to consciously access the Akashic Records so that you may more completely engage in this time of transition. You cannot fully be of service if you continue to operate under the illusion of forgetfulness, and the Akashic Records hold within them vital experience and knowledge that needs to be incorporated into your consciousness as you awaken.


Use the guidance contained in the following pages to reawaken to your true essence and to remember who you are.