Defining Relationship

The definition of Relationship is actually very simple. In order to most optimally experience Relationship, you need to do the same the same thing that we have been telling you to do in regard to everything else in your life, take responsibility for your choices and actions and to be true to yourself.
For you to be able to contribute and receive the most from engaging in Relationship, you must be in complete balance within yourself first. Each person has to vibrate at his or her own unique frequency in order for Relationship to work. As an example, with a string of Christmas trees lights when one light bulb is burned out then the whole string won’t work. That is a perfect analogy for Relationship.
Regardless of whether you are in Relationship with one other person or several people simultaneously as in a group, if any one person is out of balance, then it is virtually impossible for the Relationship to be in balance. And the opposite is also true, if each person as an individual is expressing their highest vibration and expressing light and love in the way that they are meant to, then engaging in Relationship becomes magic.

Are you saying that we are all vibrating or resonating on the same frequency?

Actually no, each of you is vibrating on a different frequency.

But don’t we have to resonate together?

It is more accurate to say that you are meant to resonate simultaneously as opposed to together. It is not as if each person has a piece of the puzzle, instead each person is their own puzzle, and as such is complete within their own puzzles. This moves us into the idea of healing versus the idea of creation that we have talked about in the past. Each combination of people engaged in Relationship creates something that hasn’t existed before. The optimal goal of participating in Relationship is not to heal but to create.

Is that how Soul Groups are going to form? Once everyone is true to himself or herself and on their path, but resonating or vibrating at different vibrations that change when they engage together in Relationship?

Yes, Soul Groups will come back together as functioning groups only when every member of the group is truly resonating within their unique vibration. In the case of Soul Groups, when each person energetically re-aligns with their original vibration as recorded within their Divine Blueprint the Soul Group returns to it’s original vibration as it was before the choice to split into expression as individuals.
In order to understand what we mean, if you envision Source and then envision the first groups as they split off from Source, and then see those groups split out into smaller groups, and then still smaller groups and that is how we moved into the illusion of individuation and separation and imagined that we were disconnected from our Soul Groups, which in reality is impossible.

When we talk about the individual experience, each person has a particular vibration and it has not been so much geared towards working together as a group as much as it has been about creating the illusion of a unique experience, different from other individuals. It is useful to think of experiencing reality as individuals as a kind of a data gathering expedition. As individuals with unique vibrations, each person creates different experiences with the goal of returning with the knowledge to the soul consciousness.

A good way to think about the uniqueness of who you are is from the perspective of your astrological sign. Consider how complicated each astrological chart is with all the different planets and how the interaction between those planets and the various aspects affect who you are over time. In each person’s chart there is a great deal of information that defines the vibration that is expressed by each individual and no chart is exactly the same. Isn’t that amazing?
If I use water as an example, where I am the hydrogen and another person is the oxygen, as long as I stay hydrogen and they stay oxygen, then we’ve got water; but if either one of us loses an electron or changes in some way then the Relationship becomes something new again. Am I understanding it right?

Yes, that is a very good example and if either the hydrogen or the oxygen changes to be more like the other, then the water would cease to exist. There is tendency among humans when two people come together in Relationship to attach to what has been created and then, if the person who is the hydrogen wants to change and the oxygen doesn’t want then to change because they are attached to the water, the Relationship becomes co-dependent.

Are you saying that if each person has their individual vibration and if two people or a person and a tree or an animal, come into Relationship with each other, then what has been created is more than just the two of them and it is not simply a blending of a tree and a person?

Exactly. It becomes something that it hasn’t existed before the moment that they come into Relationship with each other. For example, even if another tree and another person had previously created something together, this new Relationship will create something different. So you can’t even call all Relationships between a person and a tree a treason or a pree, because each Relationship is unique in and of itself.
This brings us to the concept of multiple realities and parallel universes because you must take into account that multiple realities are created every time you interact with someone or something and anytime you engage in Relationship.

So far we have been talking about optimal expression of Relationship. There are also less than optimal expressions. Anytime that you engage in Relationship with another person, although the creation in one reality may be optimal, keep in mind that there are also dozens or hundreds, or thousands of less than optimal relationships being played out in parallel realities. This is also true if you are experiencing a less than optimal reality, somewhere it is playing out optimally and once you understand how this works you will be able to move between parallel realities consciously and experience instantaneous changes within ongoing Relationships.