Start a New Business

Four Week

Personal Program



The Start a New Business Program is an ideal way to get your new business off the ground. Over the course of four weeks you will begin to transform your ideas into a profitable, successful business as you strategically work through the details involved in making your dream a reality.


The Start a New Business Program offers weekly phone support and assistance as you move through the process one step at a time to legalize, research and market the business that you envision.


Week One will give you the guidance and the tools to help you articulate the vision for your new business and devise a mission statement from which you can develop the unique brand that makes your services or products marketable.


Week Two will assist you in creating the marketing strategy for your new business including resources for affordable website development and hosting, business card and brochure development as well is inexpensive and free ways to get the attention and business of new clients.


Week Three will walk you through the basics of developing a business plan and advise you about inexpensive resources to assist you through each step of the process so that you are able to start your business from a financially stable foundation.


Week Four will help you identify the ongoing support available to as you move forward with the development of your new business both financially and professionally in the form of organizations that offer support for small businesses in a variety of ways as well as allow you to support other new business owners.



  The fee for the Small Business Development

Personal Program is $222


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