Find Your Path of Spiritual Service

Four Week

Personal Program


Each of us is born with innate gifts and abilities that allow us to navigate through the world around us in ways that make sense within our perceptions of reality. As we continue to evolve beyond our familiar boundaries and support systems, we will be required to find our individual paths of self expression and service.


In these times of unprecedented change, establishing and maintaining direct communication with our personal guidance system is essential. Guidance can take the form of angels, ascended masters, power animals, stones and crystals, our higher selves, devic energies, our idea of God or the universe and many other forms.


In this four week program you will receive information from your Personal Akashic Records about which modalities are the most effective for you to use to open the lines of communication with your personal guidance system in the manner that best serves you.


You will have the opportunity to work with these techniques each week and receive feedback from your weekly Akashic Record Readings. At the end of the program you will receive a CD recording of the weekly readings.


  The fee for the Find Your Path of Service

Personal Program is $222

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