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Small Business Development

Four Week Personal Program


The Small Business Development Program is an ideal way to get your new business off the ground. Over the course of four weeks you will begin to transform your ideas into a profitable, successful business as you strategically work through the details involved in making your dream a reality.


The Small Business Development  Program offers weekly phone support and assistance as you move through the process one step at a time to legalize, research and market the business that you envision.





Absolute Abundance

Four Week Personal Program


Absolute Abundance is your birthright and in this four week program you will explore your current relationship to abundance and transform it into the unconditional, unlimited alliance between you and the universe that it is meant to be.


The Absolute Abundance Personal Program will be tailored specifically to your issues around abundance through four weekly 30 minute phone sessions. Each week you will have access to your personal Akashic Records as well as receive worksheets to tangibly and specifically integrate the information from your Akashic Records into your current reality.





Find Your Path of Spiritual Service

Four Week Personal Program

Each of us is born with innate gifts and abilities that allow us to navigate through the world around us in ways that make sense within our perceptions of reality. As we continue to evolve beyond our familiar boundaries and support systems, we will be required to find our individual paths of self expression and service.


In this four week program you will receive information from your Personal Akashic Records about which modalities are the most effective for you to use to open the lines of communication with your personal guidance system in the manner that best serves you.





Learn to Read the Akashic Records

Four Week Personal Program


This workshop offers a variety of techniques that can be used to develop the ability to access the Akashic Records on your own at any time and in establishing a direct connection to your personal guidance and learn to trust that guidance without exception. Upon completion of the workshop you will have the tools and the understanding to be able to enter your Akashic Records, the Records of others and the Records of any topic (as is done in group readings) at any time.

This workshop is also available as a four week Personal Program.


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 Galactic Alignment: Mayan Keys of Power Seminar


This seminar is a four part series that assists you in developing a personal connection to the energy of 2012 through interactive activities which allow you to experience Mayan Keys of Power multidimensionally. Participants will create a set of 4 cards based on his or her personal experiences with each Mayan Key of Power for a total set of 16 cards. The cards can then be used for ongoing personal Galactic Alignment as daily affirmations, in meditation or as you would use any oracle deck of cards to do readings for yourself and others.







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